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flag Australia
Capital: Canberra
Population: 18,260,863
Telephones: 8,700,000
Televisions: 9,200,000
Radios: NA
Railways: 38,563 km
Highways: 810,264 km
Airports: 442
Source: World Factbook
CourseFull Moon
8 Ball Aitken: Rebel With A Cause 12/31/09
Adam Power: What Were Sundays For 09/07/06
All India Radio: All India Radio 05/16/03
All India Radio: Echo Other 10/07/06
All India Radio 06/18/08
All Tomorrow's Parties: Mt Buller, Victoria, Australia, 9-10 Jan. 2009 02/09/09
Amanda Easton: Chanteuse 07/30/07
Anton Ryan: Bare Essentials 07/09/98
Apricot Rail: Apricot Rail 09/04/09
Apricot Rail: Pouring Milk Out The Window 07/07/09
Apricot Rail: Quarrels 05/25/13
Apricot Rail: Surry Hills 08/13/11
Architecture in Helsinki + Food Group: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, AUS, 29.4.05 05/23/05
Architecture in Helsinki: In Case We Die 05/23/05
Art Of Fighting: Essen, Germany, 24.03.2006 04/13/06
At Random: Box Seat EP 08/08/98
Augie March: A Dog Starved 09/09/14
Augie March: Sunset Studies 12/11/00
Aussie rules! Best of Australia 06: Brian's pick of the year 12/05/06
Beautiful Few: If You Can Change Your City You're Sure To Change Your Style 07/21/05
Beautiful Few: Metal for Melbourne....and other stories 09/10/03
Because of Ghosts + One Hundred Years + Lion's Light: Rob Roy, Melbourne, AUS, 13.8.05 09/19/05
Becus: Becus EP 09/28/04
Bek-Jean Stewart: Junior Years 06/01/07
Ben TD: Books and Boats 08/06/09
Big Day Out Festival: Sydney + Melbourne, AUS, 24.+ 26.01.04 02/06/04
Big Spaceship: Dream On 10/18/05
Bitter End: Element 07/13/03
Bury The Sound: Autumn Magnets EP 07/30/07
Bury The Sound: Bury The Sound EP 12/15/05
Cam Butler + The Devastations + Tarantula: Rob Roy, Fitzroy, Melbourne, AUS 9.4.05 04/24/05
Catherine Duc: Visions and Dreams 12/05/06
Catnip: Pink & Blue & Green 03/06/04
Cautionary Tales: Cautionary Tales From the Diamond Forest 09/04/09
Chris Chapple: an interview with... 12/19/02
Chris Whitley: Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay & The Healer, Brisbane, 30. & 31.08.03 10/10/03
City Of Satellites: Moon In The Sea 12/12/08
City Of Satellites: Remixed 11/10/11
City Of Satellites: Stranger Than Fiction 12/31/09
City of Satellites: BMX 10/23/10
City of Satellites: Machine Is My Animal 01/30/10
Coronet Blue: Welcome To The Arms Of Forever 10/26/07
Courtney Barnett: A Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas 02/04/15
Craig Hallsworth: We're Too Far Away (My Other Future, My Other Youth) 10/16/16
Craig Hallsworth: What's The Story With This Hole? 01/12/17
Crime and the City Solution: American Twilight 04/25/13
Crusaders: Addicted To Fuzz 04/22/97
Daevid Allen Weird Quartet: Elevenses 03/23/16
Daevid Allen: 13 January 1938 - 13 March 2015 04/04/15
Dallas Crane: Dallas Crane 08/30/04
Dan Rolls: Forever Hunted 04/06/12
David McComb: 1962-1999 : obituary 03/02/99
David McCormack and the Polaroids: The Truth About Love 11/16/05
Daze: Olinda Daze 06/22/05
Dead Can Dance: Dead Can Dance 03/16/14
Dead Leaves On A River-bank - Before, In-between and After The Go-Betweens 10/16/97
Deniz Tek: Detroit 09/19/13
Devastations: Diamond rings and milkshakes - an interview with Conrad Standish 11/05/06
Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp: Underwater Casino 07/13/03
DrAlienSmith: Under Songs 10/08/14
Fall Electric: Faithless Friend 11/13/08
Fall Electric: Measure And Step 12/12/08
Festa El Cheapo: The Retreat, Brunswick, Melbourne, AUS, 5.3.05 03/25/05
Fiona Joy Hawkins: Blue Dream 04/09/09
Fiona Joy Hawkins: ICE - Piano Slightly Chilled 06/18/08
GB3: Circlework 01/07/04
George Byrne: Foreign Water 09/07/06
Gerling: A Day Of Research 12/24/96
Gilded: A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilful Sailor EP 04/15/14
Gilded: Terrane 09/30/12
Gin Club: Deathwish 02/18/11
Gin Club: Deathwish 02/18/11
Glassacre: September 16th 01/22/08
Glassacre: Slow Attack EP 09/07/06
Go-Betweens: Before Hollywood 05/25/13
Go-Betweens: Bright Yellow Bright Orange 02/16/03
Go-Betweens: Friends Of Rachel Worth 10/13/00
Grant McLennan: 1958-2006 05/13/06
Grant Meffan: Living Remains 07/13/03
Gray Packham: La La Land 10/19/13
Halfway: An Outpost of Promise 12/21/10
Halfway: Farewell to the Fainthearted 07/21/05
Halfway: Remember The River 10/07/06
Harlequin: Tracing 09/28/04
Hazlewoods: Leavin' You For A Cowboy 03/25/05
Hedaya: This Is Where I Keep It 01/25/05
Heligoland: Separate 7" + Along the Snowline 7" 10/21/02
Heligoland: Shift These Thoughts 08/12/03
Her Name In Lights: Into The Light Again 10/18/05
Hidden Shoal Recordings: - happy, happy birthday to you! 05/17/11
High August Moon - Before, In-between and After The Go-Betweens 08/18/97
Hitchcock's Regret: Her Life in Reverse 04/16/03
Hydroplane: We Crossed The Atlantic b/w Please Don't Go 04/12/98
Ian McFarlane: The Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop 07/28/99
Ice Cream Hands: Yellow & Blue 05/30/99
Ilias: Somewhere In Time 08/21/13
Iretsu: Name our Numbers, Numbers 06/18/08
Jack Marx: Sorry - The Wretched Tale Of Little Stevie Wright 07/28/99
Jack and the Beanstalk: Cowboys in Sweden 09/02/01
James Macdonald: Naked Soul 02/13/06
Jason Ayres: Chasing Ghosts 03/19/11
Jason Ayres: The Acoustic Sessions 10/26/07
Jason Walker and the Last Drinks: Ashes & Wine 05/04/04
Kaye Tuckerman: Siren 11/24/07
Kent Eastwood: Through the Days 09/04/09
Khristian Mizzi and The Sirens: Beautiful World 03/30/10
Kirin J Callinan: Embracism 09/19/13
Laura: Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, AUS, 22.7.05 09/19/05
Leigh Slogett: Looking For The Clues 10/04/09
Liminal Drifter: Troubled Mystic (feat. Chloë March) 07/31/15
Louisa John-Krol: Alexandria 08/26/99
Lucas Paine: Black Ram 11/25/15
Luluc: Passerby 08/10/14
Mafia Horse Connection: Demo 04/13/06
Major: The Bliss Domestic 02/06/04
Makee: Makee EP 12/06/14
Mark Moldre: The Waiting Room 01/19/11
Melissa Lesnie: Untitled EP 08/22/02
Mick Harvey: Four (Acts Of Love) 06/23/13
Mick Harvey: Sketches From The Book Of The Dead 05/17/11
Mieli: Version 12/26/04
Modern Giant: Satellite Nights 10/18/05
Moles: Beauty Queen Of Watts b/w Chills 07/12/14
Moodists: Two Fisted Art (1980-1986) 05/16/03
Morning After Girls: Prelude EPs 1 & 2 04/13/06
Mr. Whippy: Shades Of Gray: The Mr. Whippy Compendium 12/02/09
Mukaizake: The Yeah Conditioner 12/02/09
My Majestic Star: 'and having a reason why' 08/16/08
My Majestic Star: Crampling 10/04/09
My Majestic Star: Ideas are the Answer 11/05/06
My Majestic Star: Too Late, The Day 09/15/08
Necks: Chemist 07/11/06
Necks: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, AUS, 13.1.05 01/25/05
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: The Good Son 04/04/15
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Live From KCRW 12/17/13
Nocturnal Emissions: Nocturnal Emissions 07/13/03
One Hundred Years: Lindenow EP 07/02/04
Orange Humble Band: - an interview with Darryl Mather 08/22/02
Orange Humble Band: Humblin' (Across America) 02/13/06
Oren Ambarchi: Suspension 11/30/01
Penny Ikinger: Electra 01/07/04
Perry Keyes: Last Ghost Train Home 09/26/07
Perry Keyes: Meter 12/15/05
Pip Proud: One of These Days 12/03/98
Pivot + Because of Ghosts: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne 18.3.06 04/13/06
Pivot + Fabulous Diamonds: East Brunswick Club, Melbourne, 7.08.08 08/16/08
Pivot: East Brunswick Club, Melbourne, 28.03.08 04/20/08
Pivot: In The Blood EP 07/18/08
Pivot: O Soundtrack My Heart 08/16/08
Priestessa: Between Worlds EP 06/15/11
Rae Howell: Invisible Wilderness (Volume I and II) 09/28/15
Rattlehand: Rattlehand 04/06/12
Robert Forster: Songs To Play 10/27/15
Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift: Love Is A Drag 12/14/16
Rowland S. Howard: Oct 24, 1959 - Dec 30, 2009 12/31/09
Royal Chord: Nights on the Town 06/03/04
Royal Dave Graney Show: The Brother Who Lived 01/07/04
Russ Aimz: Cruze 03/15/06
Screamfeeder: Take You Apart 12/08/03
Seaworthy: It's Humbling When Two Saints Meet 02/27/02
Silver Ray: Humans 09/28/04
Silver Ray: New Love 06/14/03
Simon Morel: Record 2 07/30/07
Single Gun Theory: Flow River Of My Soul 12/24/96
Sloppy Soup of Brisbane 01/23/97
Slow Beings: I Waste The Sea 05/20/08
Slow Beings: We Know Why The Earth Moves 06/18/08
Small World Experience: Shelf-Life 02/22/97
Smudge: You Me Carpark... Now 01/23/97
Smudge: You Me Carpark... Now 01/23/97
Soul Movers: On The IN Side 01/30/10
Steve Clark: Where the River Meets the Sea 09/10/03
Supahip: Seize the World 09/19/05
Tangled Star: Head In The Sand 05/25/13
Tangled Star: Let's Adjourn To The Garden 06/23/13
Tangled Star: Our Man in Eden Hill EP 03/21/08
Tangled Star: That Time EP 07/07/09
Tangled Star: tosleepingpeople 01/22/08
Tarcutta: Demo 02/13/06
Tarcutta: Tarcutta 09/04/09
Tarcutta: You Gotta Crawl Before You Walk Before You Waltz 06/07/09
Tenth Stage: Grand Guignol 06/07/09
Thigh Master: Early Times 10/16/16
This is Your Captain Speaking + Because of Ghosts + Sunwrae Ensemble: The Rob Roy, Melbourne, AUS, 21.5.05 06/22/05
Tim Rogers & The Twin Set: What Rhymes With Cars And Girls 06/28/99
Toby Creswell & Martin Fabinyi: The Real Thing: Adventures In Australian Rock & Roll 1957 - NOW 08/26/99
Toby Richardson: Evergreen 04/20/08
Toby Richardson: King Of All The Moves 11/21/10
Toby Richardson: The Stones And The Rabbits 12/21/10
Tom Bolton: Dancing And Dreaming 03/19/11
Tom Bolton: When I Cross The River 05/20/08
Triosk: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, 26.7.06 08/09/06
Tulips: In The Honeycone 07/02/04
Umpire: Green Light District 06/15/11
Umpire: Now We're Active 07/15/11
Various Artists: Eat Your Friends - A Hidden Shoal Compilation 12/14/16
Various Artists: Inner City Sound Compilation 05/13/06
Various Artists: Parx-e: A Compilation Of Independent Music 09/15/08
Various Artists: Sounds of Love 10/14/08
Various Artists: Tales from the Australian Underground - Singles 1976-1989 04/16/03
Various Artists: The Real Thing: Adventures In Australian Rock & Roll 1957 - NOW 08/26/99
Vines: Vision Valley 05/13/06
Wallspace: Nightweather 09/07/06
What is music? Festival: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, AUS, 6.3.05 03/25/05
Where Echoes End: By The Pricking Of My Thumb 11/04/98
Whyte Zebra: Whyte Zebra 02/28/10
Wild Cat: Razor Sharp 01/21/00
Wild Cat: The Swiss Edge 07/09/98
Wine Music: The Wine Music 09/04/09
Wolf & Cub + The Mercy Arms + Mountains in the Sky: Brunswick East, Melbourne, 16.9.06 10/07/06
X: I Love Rock 'n' Roll - EP 05/16/03
iChoRa: Veins Of Light EP 01/30/10
perth / GUM: Drank and Kites and Tomorrow (GUM remix) 04/15/14
perth: Drank and Kites and Tomorrow 11/17/13
perth: What's Your Utopia? 01/16/14
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