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flag Denmark
Capital: Copenhagen
Population: 5,249,632
Telephones: 4,005,000
Televisions: 2,040,000
Radios: NA
Railways: 2,848 km
Highways: 71,042 km
Airports: 109
Source: World Factbook
CourseFull Moon
Breakers DK: Here for a Laugh 09/26/07
Broken Twin: May 06/13/14
Broken Twin: Sun Has Gone 12/17/13
Crystal Shipsss: Yay 12/28/12
Devics + Mew: from Mateo's playlist 08/09/06
Dub Tractor: Sorry 01/30/10
Erwin Thomas: Songs From My Apartment 06/22/05
Green Pitch: Ace of Hearts 08/28/07
Gry: Touch of E! 12/03/98
Horror And Disgust In The Danish Countryside: The Roskilde Diaries 1998 07/09/98
Indians: Somewhere Else 01/27/13
Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur: Queen of Hope 04/24/05
Jacob Faurholt: Are You In The Mood For Love? 11/02/09
Jacob Faurholt: Corners 03/16/14
Jacob Faurholt: Dark Hours 09/12/11
Jacob Faurholt: Superglue 02/22/16
Late Night Venture: Late Night Venture 08/09/06
Man meets Bear: Buffalo Comets 04/15/14
Marie Ingerslev: The Other Side 02/18/11
Marvins Revolt: Fell in Love with Tanks and Satellites 05/13/06
Mary: In the Head of a Dreamer 06/11/06
Mikkel Ploug, Sissel Vera Pettersen & Joachim Badenhorst: Equilibrium 05/09/09
Oh No Ono: Eggs 03/30/10
Pastaklubben: Asperger 11/02/09
Pernille Vallentin: Between Butterflies and me 09/26/07
Raveonettes: Whip It On 10/21/02
Salli Lunn: Heresy and Rite 08/24/10
Salli Lunn: Parachutes Forever 05/28/10
Sara Grabow: Rude, Unbending and Lusty 01/22/08
Saybia: Eyes on the Highway 01/22/08
Seven Mile Journey: The Journey Studies 03/15/06
Seven Mile Journey: The Metamorphosis Project 02/21/08
Sort Sol: Unspoiled Monsters 11/25/96
Susi Hyldgaard: Blush 07/21/05
Thulla: Double up, Please! 03/18/03
Under Byen: Samme Stof Som Stof 12/05/06
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