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flag Norway
Capital: Oslo
Population: 4,383,807
Telephones: 2,390,000
Televisions: 1,500,000
Radios: 3,300,000
Railways: 4,027 km
Highways: 88,922 km
Airports: 102
Source: World Factbook
CourseFull Moon
Årabrot: For Lack of Discipline You Will Die 01/24/16
Årabrot: Marionettes b/w Bogus Boogie 04/27/02
Årabrot: Proposing a pact with Jesus 05/23/05
Årabrot: The Gospel 03/23/16
ØYAfestivalen 2014: August 5-9 2014, Oslo, NORWAY 08/10/14
Øystein Kapperud: 311/Amnesia 12/10/11
Øyvind Ryan-Gruppen: Øyvind Ryan-Gruppen 03/18/03
Øyvind Ryan: Alt 06/18/08
Øyvind Ryan: Perfekt harmoni 10/04/09
Öyafestivalen 2002: Middelalderparken, Oslo, 8. - 10.08.02 08/22/02
+47 N-2002: hellos? goodbuys?: Nu-year ... 01/18/03
1349 Rykkinn: Brown Ring of Fury 09/12/11
99th Floor: Eclectic Guitar 06/30/07
Acres Wild: '63 07/22/13
Acres Wild: Aviate EP 11/17/13
Acres Wild: Ignore the Flags on the Beaches 05/21/16
Acres Wild: Line of Sight 03/23/16
Acres Wild: The Prophecies of Skeeter Davis EP 01/05/15
Ai Phoenix: Happy To Get Her 09/13/00
Ai Phoenix: Hey Now / Being Here Is Everything 02/15/14
Ai Phoenix: I've been gone - Letter one 09/10/03
Ai Phoenix: Lean That Way Forever 05/26/02
Ai Phoenix: The Driver is Dead 10/13/00
Aiming for Enrike: Billion Year Contract 05/21/16
Aiming for Enrike: EP 12/17/13
Aiming for Enrike: Mao Miro 08/31/12
Aiming for Enrike: Segway Nation 06/20/16
Akers Mic's IFPI-approved copy protection 05/22/97
Alpine Those Myriads!: Death, A Skeleton & The Holy Ingredient/Feline Jive/Country Poe 09/21/02
Alpine Those Myriads: Yr Royal Jetlag Gospel 02/06/04
American Suitcase: Bluefoot 07/16/00
American Suitcase: Change 11/30/01
American Suitcase: Summerman 05/16/03
An Ananas: Do You Hear What I Hear In The Scream? 08/21/13
Anders: Plywood: Wanna be the king! EP 01/18/03
Andrej Nebb: Natural 03/02/99
Ane Brun: It All Starts With One 10/12/11
Ane Brun: Rarities 10/19/13
Ane Brun: When I'm Free 09/28/15
Animal Alpha: Pheromones 10/18/05
Annie: DJ-Kicks: Annie 11/16/05
Annie: Endless Vacation EP 10/27/15
Anti Poison Slammer: EP 08/31/12
AqPop: Beatifully Smart 12/26/04
Aqpop: Fight vs Ride EP 09/09/14
Aquarium Poppers: Find The Tunes/Jamison 04/08/01
Aquarium Poppers: Recomander Tunes In Various Stations EP 12/30/01
Arcturus: Disguised Masters 10/04/09
Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers: Reindeer Can Fly! 01/12/98
Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers: So Happy I Could Pop Volume 1 03/20/00
Arthur!: Latvia b/w The Dark Side of Tjensvoll 05/16/03
Astroburger / Sportsguitar - So What!, Oslo May 13th. 05/22/97
Astroburger: 2001 A Pop Odyssey - Flights 9-12 01/28/02
Astroburger: 2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight 8 11/01/01
Astroburger: 2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Five 06/06/01
Astroburger: 2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Four 05/07/01
Astroburger: 2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight One 02/08/01
Astroburger: 2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Seven 09/02/01
Astroburger: 2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Six 07/05/01
Astroburger: 2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Three 04/08/01
Astroburger: 2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Two 03/09/01
Astroburger: Lightyears Behind 05/25/13
Astroburger: Quite Obscure and Practically Marzipan 09/06/98
Astroburger: They Came From The Sun... 06/11/06
Aunt Mary: Rock på Torget - Bodø, August 14th 2010 08/24/10
Autumn Whispers: Cry of Dereliction Vol. II 12/17/13
Bard Titlestad: Future Whirl 06/14/03
Barking through the ages: An interview with Dog Age 11/05/06
Barren Womb: Nique Everything 12/25/15
Beat Tornados: Pole Position 07/09/98
Beat Tornados: Scandinavian Interlude 03/06/04
Beatbandits: I Got Rhythm 02/19/00
Beatroute: Anonymous 03/20/00
Beautiful People: Sedated Times EP 03/06/04
Best of 1996 - Norway 01/23/97
Biosphere: Shenzhou 09/21/02
Bjerkedalen Lydkraft: Farvel 01/16/14
Black Bone Chapel/Ring: Split 10" 08/15/00
Bobby Hughes Combination: Nhu Golden Era 11/20/02
Bodycocktail starring Skjit-Lars: Three Edged Sword 08/21/13
Bogus Blimp: Conclusion of Five Year Plan no. I 03/09/01
Bogus Blimp: Men-Mic 03/31/99
Bogus Blimp: Men-Mic 12/02/09
Bogus Blimp: Rdtr 05/06/12
Bogus Blimp: cords. wires 02/28/10
Bogus Blimp: cords.wires 05/18/00
Bonk: Bonk Against Nothing 05/13/06
Bonk: Waitin In A Car 12/08/03
Bow To Each Other: Like I Never Left EP 04/04/15
Bow To Each Other: My Heart Is A Target / Be That One 09/28/15
Bow To Each Other: The Urge Drums 02/15/14
Brimstone Solar Radiation Band: Apple Pies & Orange Sky b/w Evil Maharaja 12/08/03
Brimstone Solar Radiation Band: Solstice 09/19/05
Brimstone Solar Radiation Band: The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band 12/26/04
Brut Boogaloo: Do the Boogaloo 03/09/01
Building Instrument: Building Instrument 03/16/14
Building Instrument: Kem som kan å leve 07/20/16
Bumble B: Flight of the Bumble B 07/31/04
Burning God Little: Mer medisin b/w Gammel glede 12/28/12
Burning Motherfuckers: Burning Motherfuckers EP 08/02/12
Busta Ofte: Busta Ofte EP 08/04/01
Buster: About 40 minutes of Pleasure 09/06/98
Caddy: Stormy Skies and Starry Nights 12/25/15
Caddy: The Better End 07/31/15
Camaros: Glad, Evil And Bad 04/24/05
Cato Salsa Experience: The Fruit is still Fresh 07/13/03
Center Of The Universe / Magnus Moriarty™: Did U Order A Radar? 01/09/12
Center Of The Universe: Bellydance Nation 08/13/11
Center Of The Universe: Levitating Disk 04/25/13
Center Of The Universe: Staying Up All Night With The C.O.U. 11/21/10
Center of the Universe: Apokryfa 10/29/12
Center of the Universe: Bestboy Electric 10/04/09
Center of the Universe: Darklow 08/06/09
Center of the Universe: Promotional Copy 06/26/10
Center of the Universe: Remixes/Remixed - Ether Force Unit Seven 11/28/12
Center of the Universe: Sellout EP 09/04/09
Center of the Universe: Simulacra 06/04/12
Center of the Universe: Taking a Nap With 01/30/10
Cerrato: Ghost EP 04/08/01
Cerrato: Me and you 10/10/03
Chicpeas: Summerbaby EP 09/02/01
Children And Corpse Playing In The Streets: Atlantic Auto 06/13/14
Children And Corpse Playing In The Streets: Honey, I'm Home! 11/02/09
Christian Wallumrød: Pianokammer 02/04/15
Cinnamoon: 3 x single 04/27/02
Cloroform: Do the Crawl 04/18/00
Cloroform: Scrawl 03/09/01
Closing Eyes: Melodies For the Contemporary EP 12/06/14
Cold Mailman: Everything Aflutter 05/04/15
Cold Mailman: Heavy Hearts 05/25/13
Cold Mailman: Relax; the Mountain Will Come to You 11/21/10
Colors Turned Red: Breaking Bounds 02/25/13
Colors Turned Red: The Colors Turned Red 04/25/13
Corvine: Nova EP 12/11/00
Covenant: Nexus Polaris 04/12/98
Coydog: Sleep Fast 01/18/03
Cyrano & Armageddon: Club Soda 2012 05/25/13
Cyrano & Center of the Universe: Cyrano & Center of the Universe 11/02/09
Cyrano: I Cannot Smell It 06/15/11
Cyrano: You Sensualize My Soul 08/24/10
Cyranq & Phil Emile: [sic] 10/12/11
DEL: Five Dolls For An August Moon 10/07/06
DEL: Projectionist Please Focus 04/08/01
Dan Kristofferson: It's Cold Tonight 02/28/10
Darn Those Rebels: A Lifetime Of Resistance By Far 02/04/15
De Press: Block To Block 06/15/11
Death By Unga Bunga: You're An Animal 09/19/13
Del Trio: If You've Got To Fight ... Fight Dirty! 06/10/98
Det Glade Vanvidd: The Rest Of Det Glade Vanvidd 1984-1989 03/15/06
Dipsomaniacs: Bellows Make You Burn More Brightly 10/13/00
Dipsomaniacs: Bumble-bee Eyes 05/22/97
Dipsomaniacs: Reverb No Hollowness 11/04/98
Dipsomaniacs: Stethoscopic Notion 11/01/01
Dipsomaniacs: Subterfuge EP 02/11/98
Dive: Eyes Closed EP 12/08/03
Dog Age: As It Were 08/08/98
Dog Age: Good Day 10/08/14
Dog Age: On The Garish Isles 03/19/11
Dog Age: Reefy Seadragon 11/05/06
Dog Age: Swanlake Gate 07/31/15
Don Juan Dracula: Perfect Girl EP 02/27/02
Draumey: Morning That Comes But Once 08/04/01
Dubel Darr: Hardcore Prono 11/01/01
DumDum Boys: Gravitasjon 03/15/06
EPA: EPA 08/26/99
Echo Troopers: They Said I Shouldn't Care, But I Did 10/05/98
Eco Band: Alive 04/02/07
Egil Monn-Iversen Orkester: Himmel og Helvete OST 01/12/17
El Cuero: A Glimmer of Hope 02/09/09
Electones: Summercloud 08/22/02
Electric Eye: Different Sun 02/22/16
Electropussy: At the Honeymoon Motel 10/13/00
Electropussy: It's My Head That Hurts (And Not My Heart) 03/09/01
Elektrodiesel: The Summer Sessions in D# [Let's Stay Together] 06/06/01
Elephant9 with Reine Fiske: Silver Mountain 09/28/15
Emmerhoff & the Melancholy Babies: Loosebox 03/28/02
Ephemera: Air 03/18/03
Epikurs Euforie: Heart Sounds 12/22/99
Epikurs Euforie: Lurking For Pray 10/28/04
Epikurs Euforie: Side A Side B 10/05/98
Ergo: Mountaineering 08/31/12
Ergo: Reclaim The Mall 11/10/11
Erik Bye: 1926 - 2004 10/28/04
Espen Jørgensen: On the Great Alkali Plains 08/31/12
Esperanza: Esperanza 09/04/09
Ethnobabes: My Friend Ann b/w The Television Song 01/14/06
Ethnobabes: Stargazer 11/30/01
Exit Kanon: Plays Jazz For Alien Individuals 11/20/02
FOG: Barfot EP 08/29/15
Famlende Forsøk: Døve Munker Ut Av Norsk Industri 03/27/13
Famlende Forsøk: Lost In Laos, Vol. 1 06/20/16
Famlende Forsøk: One Night I Had A Frightful Dream, A Tribute To H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) 06/14/03
Famlende Forsøk: Return Of Monster Attack 12/24/96
Famlende Forsøk: Still trying - An interview with Famlende Forsøk 05/17/11
Famlende Forsøk: The Tao Tapes, Vol. II 10/16/16
Famlende Forsøk: Washing China 06/02/15
Fastened Bulbous: Fastened Bulbous (mini-CD) 07/16/00
Finn Coren: I draumar fær du : Dikt Av Olav H. Hauge 10/14/08
Finn Coren: Lovecloud 11/23/99
Finn Coren: På jorden et sted : Utvalgte nordiske dikt 10/27/15
Finn Coren: The Blake Project, Part 1 & 2 06/20/97
Firefly Effect: Everything Is Beautiful And You Are The Reason 09/04/09
Firefly Effect: Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better 06/15/11
Flight: Flight 12/25/15
Flunk: The Songs We Sing : Best of 2002-2012 08/02/12
Fnös Hose: Halvparten Av Ingenting 12/14/97
Focolift: Who Do You Think I Am? 10/07/06
Frøkedal: Hold on Dreamer 03/23/16
Fredrik Ness Sevendal: Days Later 07/28/99
Fredrik Ness Sevendal: No Foly Bow 08/28/07
Freedumb: Feeding The Tapeworm 03/23/16
Fru Pedersen: Fru Pedersen 1992-2002 08/29/15
Furia: Piece of Paradise 02/02/07
Gåte: EP 03/28/02
Göttemia: Trigger Happy Fat Family EP 04/04/15
Garden: Pels 08/02/12
Gebhardt: ...Plays With Himself 04/18/00
Geir Sundstøl: Langen ro 11/14/16
Good The Bad And The Zugly: Sitter Fast I Hælvete 08/13/11
Grand Island: Say No To Sin 09/07/06
Gringo Bandido & The Fab Four: Beggars Blues 02/21/08
Gustav Lorentzen: September 28, 1947 - April 21, 2010 04/28/10
Høst: Rock på Torget - Bodø, August 14th 2010 08/24/10
HGH (Haugen-Gebhardt-Hagfors): Pignoise 07/16/00
HGH: Seb's Hotel 02/16/03
HGH: Trash Grass & Love Songs 08/04/01
HRPS: HRPS II 02/04/15
Haakon Ellingsen: Bounty 12/15/05
Haakon Ellingsen: Egelantiersstraat 06/20/16
Haakon Ellingsen: Orkaner og fuglesang 07/02/15
Haakon Ellingsen: September, September 11/14/16
Haakon Ellingsen: Tannsjødager 09/16/16
Haakon Ellingsen: The Plum Album 11/13/08
Haakon: Minstrel 10/02/01
Halden Electric: Grace Under Pressure 02/09/09
Hallway: Vestad 08/18/16
Hanne Hukkelberg: Featherbrain 03/08/12
Hanne Kolstø: Forever Maybe 12/06/14
Hanne Kolstø: Stillness And Panic 01/16/14
Hanne Kolstø: We Don't See Ourselves 10/08/14
Hanne Kolstø: While We Still Have Light 11/25/15
Hanny: Moderning 07/15/11
Hanny: Sceneity 07/03/12
Hans Stenøien & Sugarfoot: Tonight We Bloom 12/25/15
Harvey Steel Show: Full Double Rainbow! 09/28/15
Harvey Steel Show: We're Living On Borrowed Cheeze EP 01/05/15
Head Control System: Murder Nature 12/21/10
Hedvig Mollestad Trio: Black Stabat Mater 06/20/16
Hello Goodbye: Haunted Holiday 04/05/04
Hello Goodbye: Heart Attack 03/28/02
Highasakite: Silent Treatment 02/15/14
Hills Are Alive: A Circular Triangle Making A Square 09/28/15
Hills Are Alive: Excursions Into Unknown Territory 11/20/02
Hilma Nikolaisen: Puzzler 01/12/17
Hippotrip: You can make your own experiences 03/28/02
Holy Toy: Psychic Overdrive 02/25/13
Holy Toy: Warszawa (remastered) 05/09/09
Home Groan: Raccoon 11/20/02
HomeGroan: Addicted 12/30/01
Hopalong Knut: Evolusjonens Trøst 11/05/06
Howlin' Pimp-O-Negros: Rock'n'Roll? Right! Right On! Right!!! 06/24/02
Howlin' of the Wolf: Backfire Madness 07/20/16
Huntsville: For Flowers, Cars And Merry Wars 04/18/11
Huntsville: Pond 03/05/15
Hvitmalt Gjerde: Hvitmalt Gjerde 07/22/13
Hvitmalt Gjerde: Ville venner 09/09/14
I Was A King: Old Friends 08/24/10
I Was A King: You Love It Here 10/29/12
Ida Jenshus: Shallow River 08/10/14
Ida Maria: Oh My God / We're All Going To Hell 11/24/07
Im Nebel: Mutasjon 83-84 12/14/16
Ingeborg Selnes: Heartcore 09/23/10
Ingrid Olava: Only Just Begun 01/22/08
Izakaya Heartbeat: Ancient Asobi / In Arcadia 02/28/10
Izakaya Heartbeat: Enter - Rainbow Lake 01/27/13
Jørn & Ole Johannes Åleskjær & The Marine Lights: Winter Song (Setskog Skøytefestival Theme Song) 01/16/14
Jørn Åleskjær: I'm So Glad I Spent This Day With You 12/06/14
Jaga Jazzist: Live With Britten Sinfonia 06/23/13
Jaga Jazzist: One-Armed Bandit 02/28/10
Jaga Jazzist: Starfire 07/02/15
Je Suis Animal: Self-taught Magic From A Book 02/21/08
Jenny Hval & Susanna: Meshes of Voice 08/10/14
Jenny Hval: Apocalypse, girl 07/02/15
Jenny Hval: Blood Bitch 10/16/16
Jenny Hval: Female Vampire 07/20/16
Jessica Fletchers: (Come On) It's Only Nine (EP) 03/28/02
Jessica Fletchers: Sorry About The Noise 11/11/00
Jessica Fletchers: What happened to the? 02/16/03
Jessica Fletchers: You Spider 05/02/07
Jim Protector: Jim Protector's guide to self-pity EP 09/28/04
Jim Stärk: Morning Songs 06/03/04
Jim Stärk: No Time Wasted 11/09/03
Johndoe: Rastløs rock'n'roll 11/20/02
Jono El Grande: Melody Of A Muddled Mason 11/25/15
Juhani Silvola: Strange Flowers 02/22/16
Junipher Greene: Rock på Torget - Bodø, August 14th 2010 08/24/10
Kåre João: 2 04/06/12
Kåre João: Captain Trips 11/21/10
Kåre João: Sideman 03/19/11
Kåre João: Sleepers 10/12/11
Kaada/Patton: Bacteria Cult 04/22/16
Kaada: Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time 11/01/01
Kettle: Sweet Romancer 10/02/01
Killer Label Profile: Origami Arktika/Tore H. Bøe/Birchville Cat Motel 11/20/02
Kim Myhr: Bloom 10/16/16
King Midas: King Midas 11/14/97
Kings of Convenience: Quiet Is The New Loud 03/09/01
Knutsen & Ludvigsen: Juba Juba 11/17/13
Koppen: Good Kopp Bad Kopp 08/02/12
Koppen: Let's Eat Crazyroom!! It's Time To Be Cool Like A Boy!! 02/07/12
Koppen: My Fashion Statement Is Scrambled Eggs 03/19/11
Koppen: Objectified 06/23/13
Koppen: Strømmen Gamelan City 12/28/12
Koppen: Truckdriving Songs 09/23/10
Krace: Pretty Things 06/24/02
Kristin Amarie: Notes From A Journey 03/16/14
Kristoffer Lo: The Black Meat 03/23/16
Kulta Beats: Civilize the Brutes 10/28/04
La Mascara Snake: La Mascara Snake.....goes fishing 01/07/04
Lano Places: Everyone Likes to be Lonely 04/08/01
Lasse Mustafa Myrvold: 1953 -September 3rd 2006 09/07/06
Last James: Kindergarten 02/22/97
Launderettes: Rebel Love 07/16/00
Launderettes: Shaken And Disturbed 08/22/02
Launderettes: Take Me to the Race 07/13/03
Laundrettes: Every heart is a time bomb 09/19/05
Laurence Crane + asamisimasa: Sound of Horse 12/14/16
Lawndive: Lawndive 01/09/01
Lawrence Scott Weiby: I Died For Beauty 12/14/16
Levinsky: Ordinary Day 01/21/00
Libido: Supersonic Daydream 04/12/98
Like Rats From A Sinking Ship: SXY SXY GSW EP 02/21/08
Like Rats From A Sinking Ship: We Get Along Like A House On Fire 05/17/11
Lionheart Brothers: Colour Contrast Context 08/30/04
Ljodahått: Eg stend eg, seddu 05/06/12
Loch Ness Mouse + Superman Can Flys: Two Norwegian Winter EPs 02/08/01
Loch Ness Mouse: 11-22" 12/15/05
Loch Ness Mouse: An interview with... 11/16/05
Loch Ness Mouse: Bamboo (Love Is Not Cool) 08/18/16
Loch Ness Mouse: Flair For Darjeeling 04/30/99
Loch Ness Mouse: Flair for Dardjeeling - Deluxe Edition 08/24/10
Loch Ness Mouse: Friends And Fenders EP 01/07/04
Loch Ness Mouse: Key West 08/22/02
Loch Ness Mouse: New Graffiti 06/07/09
Loch Ness Mouse: Overnite 12/14/16
Loch Ness Mouse: The Mouse that roared! 04/30/99
Los Plantronics: La Orchestra Diabolica 11/09/03
Los Plantronics: Rancho Notorious! 09/26/07
Low + Susanna and the Magical Orchestra: Play Joy Division... 08/09/06
Low Frequency In Stereo: Colette (Subie Subie) 10/19/13
Low Frequency In Stereo: Futuro 01/11/09
Low Frequency In Stereo: The Low Frequency In Stereo 10/21/02
Lower Than Lo-Fi, But Higher: No Need For Ladders 05/06/12
Ludvig Moon: Ludvig Moon EP 02/04/15
Ludvig Moon: Sparks & Houses at Night 09/16/16
Luigi: Cactus 01/21/00
Lukestar: Great Bear EP 08/13/11
Lukestar: Lake Toba 01/22/08
Lukestar: Taiga 03/19/11
Lukestar: White Shade 12/24/07
Møster!: Inner Earth 12/06/14
Møster!: When You Cut Into The Present 09/28/15
Madrugada: A Deadend Mind EP 10/02/01
Madrugada: Beautyproof (single) 12/11/00
Madrugada: EP 12/03/98
Madrugada: Electric EP 12/11/00
Madrugada: Grit 12/19/02
Madrugada: Hands Up - I Love You 03/09/01
Madrugada: Higher EP 12/11/00
Madrugada: Industrial Silence 09/25/99
Madrugada: Industrial Silence 11/11/00
Madrugada: New Depression EP 03/31/99
Madrugada: Punktum, Mo i Rana, 28.11.1999 12/22/99
Madrugada: Ready EP 10/21/02
Madrugada: Rockefeller, Oslo, 31.03.2001 04/08/01
Madrugada: The Deep End 05/23/05
Madrugada: The Kids Are On High Street 01/25/05
Madrugada: The Nightly Disease 04/08/01
Magic Pillows: Enter Twilight EP 03/28/02
Magnetic Tapes: speaking with Mariann 06/06/01
Magnet: On Your Side 07/13/03
Magnus Moriarty™: And The Hippos Were Boiled In Their Tanks 07/26/10
Magnus Moriarty™: In Search of the Archetype 05/04/15
Magnus Moriarty™: Kodachromerockopera 09/19/13
Magnus Moriarty™: Perhaps Interior Heart Politeness 08/02/12
Magnus Moriarty™: Sky-Fi Beatitude 05/17/11
Magnus Moriarty™: U R on a Radar 12/21/10
Magnus Moriarty: Drive Fast Slow Right Left 03/30/10
Maria Solheim: An interview with... 04/16/03
Matias Tellez: Clouds 03/11/09
Matias Tellez: Tamias Mellez 10/26/07
Megaphonic Thrift: Sun Stare Sound 04/04/15
Megaphonic Thrift: The Megaphonic Thrift 02/07/12
Mellow Subterrain: Submerged 09/09/14
Mellow Subterrain: The Shoe Shine Set EP 04/22/16
Melt: Introducing The Rootsless Youth .. 10/05/98
Merry November: Since We Are All Captains 10/17/05
Meta Forever: Astroid Antics 09/12/11
Meyer: Going Places b/w Listen Up 08/31/12
Micromars: International Pop Modulations 12/22/99
Micromars: Our modulation 06/28/99
Midnight Choir: Olsen's Lot 01/23/97
Milenasong: Seven Sisters 06/30/07
Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ: Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ 04/09/09
Mindy Misty: Temporary Flawless 04/05/04
Minor Majority: If I told you, you were beautiful 11/20/02
Minor Majority: Walking Home From Nicole's 11/30/01
MoE: Examination of The Eye of a Horse 11/14/16
Moddi: Set The House On Fire 03/27/13
Mole: Loner / Linda Loveless 06/15/11
Mole: The Power Of Bad EP 01/25/05
Mona and Maria: My Sun 11/17/13
Monkey Plot: Here I Sit, Knowing All Of This 09/16/16
Monolight: Free Music 02/27/02
Monopot: Optipess 02/27/02
Monopot: So What!, Oslo, 23.03.2000 04/18/00
Monopot: Something is Like Nothing was 11/23/99
Monopot: Taran EP 05/07/01
Monster Blomster: Stadig Flere Velger Feil 07/28/99
Mooie Garage: Mooie Garage 12/08/03
Moon Orchestra: You'll know when you get there 10/21/02
Moon Relay: Full Stop Etc. 09/16/16
Morgul: Sketch of Supposed Murderer 05/07/01
Morten Abel: Some Of Us Will Make It 01/03/07
Motorpsycho: Angels And Daemons At Play 03/24/97
Motorpsycho: Spin, Spin, Spin b/w Go Around Once 02/22/16
Motorpsycho: Starmelt EP 08/18/97
Motorpsycho: The Tussler 02/22/97
Motorpsycho: Trust Us 05/11/98
Muzzlewhite: Henry's Lunch 03/20/00
Muzzlewhite: Muzzlewhite 05/26/02
Muzzlewhite: My Hero 11/01/01
My Little Pony: Think Too Much 12/12/08
My Rhyme + Vidar Vang & friemann: Gamla, Oslo, Norway, 22.9.01 10/02/01
N-2003: another year bites the dust: 01/07/04
NORwaves 2001: ...ear-aces? Rewind. 01/28/02
NORway 2000: view from a hill 01/09/01
Nansy: I Can't Sleep 11/11/00
Navel Flush: Late Night Live 01/21/00
Needlepoint: Aimless Mary 01/24/16
Neonato: The End Of Music 12/25/15
Nidingr: Wolf-Father 02/25/13
Nomad Nipples: INTERNATIONAL New York, London, Paris 10/24/99
Nood: Shaped Like a Taco! 09/13/00
Norvegia - the end of the 20th Century: 1999 in the rear mirror 01/21/00
Norway 1997: Last Year At Home 01/12/98
Norway2000: Watt vs. VAT: Norwegian politicians are killing live music 02/19/00
Now We've Got Members: Curious Yellow 12/31/09
Now We've Got Members: Le Jardin 05/28/10
Now We've Got Members: Repulsive Force 02/25/13
Now We've Got Members: Then Is Just Another Kind Of Now 03/08/12
Now We've Got Members: Tiny Disasters 01/19/11
Nuggets: Powerpop Girl 07/16/00
Oddpopp: Untouchable (In Dreams) 09/13/00
Odd: Mind Your Head 08/04/01
Of Of Ullages And Dottles: an interview with The Smell Of Incense 11/24/07
Ole Paus: Avslutningen 06/23/13
Opening Up The Gate: A closer look at Swanlake Gate by Dog Age 09/28/15
Orango: Something Good EP 05/07/01
Orango: The Mind And The Money E.P. 11/11/00
Oriental Sunshine: Dedicated To The Bird We Love 09/16/16
Origami Arktika: Trollebotn 07/18/08
Origami Galaktika: Horisont 01/09/12
Origami Galaktika: Stjernevandring / Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda EP" 07/26/10
Origami Galaktika: Stjernevandring 11/25/96
Ostmoe: Ostmoe 12/22/99
Påsan: Jukebox 02/19/00
Panzerpappa: Farlig Vandring 04/05/04
Panzerpappa: Pestrottedans 05/21/16
Paperboys: No Cure For Life 03/28/02
Petter Carlsen: You Go Bird 10/04/09
Phaedra: Blackwinged Night 08/29/15
Pilate: Adored 12/30/01
Pilemil: If You Make A Lot Of Ceramics; Ceramics Will Make A Lot Of You As 01/27/13
Ping: The A-side/The B-side 05/25/13
Ping: The Castle Massacre 02/13/06
Plywood: The Ways of the Past 11/16/05
Plywood: Vitesse 06/18/08
Portrait of David: These Days Are Hard To Ignore 10/02/01
PrOfEsSoR ANARAD: I lOsT mY mInD sOmEwHeRe By Da RiVeRs Of BaByLoN 12/30/01
Project Herpes: Bear 04/06/12
Pulp Vixen: Teaser EP 02/16/03
Pulp Vixen: Toxic 01/09/01
Quest / Vehiculos De Ocasion EPs 03/09/01
Röyksopp: Bounty Hunters 02/22/16
Racer Age: Men and Machines 07/30/07
Racer Age: Racer Age EP 10/10/03
Raga Rockers: Übermensch 08/28/07
Raga Rockers: Aldri mer 08/28/07
Raga Rockers: The Return Of The Raga Rockers 11/17/13
Ragnar Meidell Eriksen Trio: New Waves 06/28/99
Rain: Make The Day Break 01/16/14
Ralph Myerz And The Jack Herren Band: A Special EP 09/21/02
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band: Blæst, Trondheim, Norway, 21.03.2003 04/16/03
Rancho Relaxo: Happy Friday Experiment 03/08/12
Razorbats: Bring It On 07/12/14
Regn: Mareritt 10/27/15
Reilly Express: Dizzy 12/19/02
Remington Super 60: Cafe 2001 In Japan 04/18/00
Remington Super 60: Lost Kid / Give to you 09/25/99
Reverend Lovejoy: Another Time, Another Place 07/28/99
Reverend Lovejoy: Dead Girl EP 07/13/03
Reverend Lovejoy: Polo Is Not The Issue Darling, Champagne Is! 11/11/00
Reverend Lovejoy: Tonight, Baby I Am 03/20/00
Rex Rudi: Backbeat & begjær 09/19/05
Rhys Marsh and the Autumn Ghost: Dulcima 12/02/09
Ring: Popsongs From the Place Where the Woods Turn to Love 02/08/01
Ring: Spiritual Need 05/30/99
Robert Burås: R.I.P. 07/30/07
Rock på Torget DVD: Bodø, August 14th 2010 12/10/11
Rock på Torget: Bodø, August 14th 2010 08/24/10
Rockus Norvegicus - Norwegian wood and brass 1998 01/02/99
Rotoscope: Great Curves 09/23/10
Rumble In Rhodos: Intentions 05/20/08
Ruphus: Rock på Torget - Bodø, August 14th 2010 08/24/10
Ruphus: Rockefeller, Oslo, 12.02.2010 02/28/10
Ryanbanden: Dobbel bunn 03/08/12
Ryanbanden: Ryanbanden 04/06/12
Ryanbanden: Synger julen inn 12/10/11
SOT: Kogel Mogel 12/14/16
Sacred Harp: Sacred Harp 12/02/09
Sacred Harp: Window's A Fall 10/12/11
Safariari: Save New York 11/01/01
Saint Thomas Hansen R.I.P.: 1976-2007 09/26/07
Saint Thomas: Children Of The New Brigade 09/19/05
Saint Thomas: Morning Dancer 06/22/05
Salvation Circus: Norwegian Monkey b/w Horses + Inside 10/13/00
Salvatore: Clingfilm 11/11/00
Salvatore: Luxus 05/04/04
Salvatore: Tempo 08/22/02
Samuel Jackson Five: Goodbye Melody Mountain 02/09/09
Saralunden. Björkås. Mjös: Dubious 11/24/07
Sea Change: Breakage 05/04/15
Sea Change: Let's Dance 03/16/14
Seamonsters: Seamonsters 07/16/00
Seid hits the road - an interview with Seid 08/22/02
Seid: Among The Monster Flowers Again 06/24/02
Seid: Creatures Of The Underworld 10/07/06
Seid: Magic Handshake 04/06/12
Seid: Meet The Spacemen 01/07/04
Seid: Mines of Moria EP 02/16/03
Seid: Silver Messenger 07/24/02
Seid: What Seid said - an interview 08/26/99
Serena Maneesh: Fixxations 08/22/02
Serena Maneesh: No 2: Abyss In B Minor 03/30/10
Seven: French kiss 04/16/03
Sid Savant: Cripls 09/04/09
Sid Savant: Last Stop On Bimini Road 07/03/12
Sigurd Ytre-Arne: August EP 03/16/14
Single Unit: Family of Forces 01/19/11
Sissy Wish: Tuning In 03/06/04
Sissy Wish: You may breathe... 03/06/04
Sister Rain: Illuminated 01/02/99
Sister Sonny: The Bandit Lab 11/30/01
Sivert Høyem & the Volunteers: Exiles 01/03/07
Sjonstock Festival 2003: Sjona, Norway, 01.-02.08. 08/12/03
Sjonstock Festival 2004: Sjona, Norway, 23. + 24.07. 07/31/04
Sketch: Zincanode 12/11/00
Skrømt: Fine dager 08/15/00
Smell Of Incense: A Curious Miscellany 05/28/10
Smell Of Incense: European Tour 1998 (1) 11/04/98
Smell Of Incense: European Tour 1998 (2) 12/03/98
Smell Of Incense: Of Ullages And Dottles 08/28/07
Smell Of Incense: Through The Gates Of Deeper Slumber 04/22/97
Snøskred: Lexington Hotel 02/22/16
So So Slow: Spinning Like a Dog 02/24/05
Sofi Lofi: Sweet Lucid Lou + Frantic b/w I Bet You Don't Know 05/25/13
Splashgirl: Pressure 11/10/11
Spring Jester: Carnival EP 07/05/01
St. Thomas: A Long Long Time EP 02/16/03
St. Thomas: A Mouse In A Crowded House : Forever Unfinished 10/16/16
St. Thomas: Hey Harmony 04/16/03
St. Thomas: I'm Coming Home 09/02/01
St. Thomas: Let's Grow Together - The Comeback Of St. Thomas 02/06/04
St. Thomas: Mysterious Walks 10/13/00
St. Thomas: St. Thomas 10/14/08
Star of Ash: iter.viator. 04/28/10
Sternklang: My Time Is Yours 05/26/02
Stockhaus: Kid of Today, Man of Tomorrow 05/26/02
Stockhaus: Underdog EP 01/28/02
Stone-O-Saurus: Rhythms of Life and Death 02/08/01
Stuntbike: Gone 01/31/99
Succuba: No Arms / No Cake 03/11/09
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra: List of Lights and Buoys 03/06/04
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra: Melody Mountain LP 07/02/15
Susanna: Triangle 05/21/16
Susanne Sundfør: Ten Love Songs 03/05/15
Svävestöv: Du e ikke trygg 01/03/07
Sverre Kjelsberg: 18 October 1946 - 18 June 2016 07/20/16
Sweden: Just a kid 01/24/16
Sweden: Oh, Dusty 04/22/16
Täppans Strepens: Dance, Dance Decadance 10/23/10
Täppas Strepens: Beans, Bacon & Gravity 12/02/09
Täppas Strepens: The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow 02/28/10
Täppas Strepens: The Great American Brainkiller vs. Upland: Upland" 04/18/11
Tøyen: Did You Bring Me On National Television To Tell Me This Too? 10/10/03
Tøyen: EP Phone Home 06/24/02
Tables/Loch Ness Mouse/Bartlebees: Pigalle, Oslo, February 5th 1999 03/02/99
Tables: Holiday At Wobbledef Grunch 07/20/97
Tables: Nevermynd The Hillocks (treble without a cause) 03/18/03
Tables: Play Idle Race 09/13/00
Tables: See Emily Play 07/16/00
Tables: Wonderland: The Greatest Adventures 1988-2003 12/14/16
Team Me: Blind As Night 09/09/14
Team Me: F is for Faker 02/15/14
Team Me: Female Lead 12/28/12
Team Me: The All Time High 07/12/14
Team Me: To The Treetops! 11/10/11
Teeny Grownups: He, She, It Is Polarized EP 09/09/14
The Aller Værste!: Rockefeller, Oslo, October 1st 1999 10/24/99
The Aller Værste!: Disniland i de tusen hjem 12/26/04
The Aller Værste: Materialtretthet 10/23/10
The Beste: En sang for åtte kroner... & Blått 02/07/12
Third and the Mortal: Memoirs 06/24/02
Three Norwegian Summer Singles 07/16/00
Three Norwegian Winter Singles 02/11/98
Thulsa Doom: Need The Air 04/24/05
Tim Tygg: 22 02/04/15
Tirill: A Dance With The Shadows 06/22/05
Tirill: Nine And Fifty Swans 11/10/11
Tirill: Um Himinjǫður 12/17/13
Torden & Lyn: Storm 12/14/97
Tore Andersen: Right Around The Corner 04/09/09
Tremolo Wankers: Terrible, Terrible Wankers EP 07/05/01
Tripcat: It's ok Kids... It's All Part Of The Show 06/16/00
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Kristoffer Lo: Savages 07/02/15
Truls And The Trees: Ailanthus 04/06/12
Truls/Trees Vs. Center Of The Universe: Surfing USB 03/27/13
Truls: Circles 07/02/15
Tugboat: Tugboat 06/16/00
Tungtvann: Mørketid 01/28/02
Turbonegro: Scandinavian Leather 05/16/03
Turdus Musicus: Here Goes! 05/04/04
Turdus Musicus: Intimate Noise EP 01/28/02
Twigs: Epicure 11/30/01
Twigs: No More 24 04/12/98
Two Norwegian autumn singles 09/13/00
Ugress: Resound 10/21/02
Ulver: A Quick Fix Of Melancholy EP 08/13/11
Ulver: Blood Inside 03/08/12
Ulver: Childhood's End 06/23/13
Ulver: Childhood's End 07/03/12
Ulver: Lyckantropen Themes 06/15/11
Ulver: Messe I.X-VI.X 09/19/13
Ulver: Metamorphosis 12/31/09
Ulver: Perdition City 01/30/10
Ulver: Shadows Of The Sun 10/29/12
Ulver: Silence Teaches You How To Sing EP 06/26/10
Ulver: Silencing the Singing 10/23/10
Ulver: Svidd Neger 12/10/11
Ulver: Teachings In Silence 11/10/11
Ulver: Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell 08/06/09
Ulver: Wars Of The Roses 04/25/13
UnFocused: Talking to The Demons 10/10/03
Upland: Monochrome Adventures 12/28/12
Upland: Obliterated 07/03/12
Urd Barbarian: Urd In Bondage 03/13/98
Uro: Sirkus Uro 07/05/01
Uro: Uroelementer (med Apollo) 05/07/01
Vacuum Dreamers: Go Tell The Bees 05/25/13
Various Artists: 1.0 (Metronomicon Audio) 04/28/10
Various Artists: 2.0 vs. nothing" 02/18/11
Various Artists: 2.0 02/18/11
Various Artists: 3.0 12/10/11
Various Artists: 4.0 09/30/12
Various Artists: 5.0 07/22/13
Various Artists: Alpha Motherfuckers - A Tribute to Turbonegro 06/06/01
Various Artists: Asyd Vinyl, A Tribute To Syd Barrett 09/13/00
Various Artists: Bestrummed! Perfect Pop 1995 - 2001 06/06/01
Various Artists: Bylarm 03/13/98
Various Artists: Doggie Pound 06/28/99
Various Artists: From The Spheres Of Gog Magog 11/26/04
Various Artists: Greatest SHiTs From Silicon City, Volume 3 04/12/98
Various Artists: I Don't Wanna Be A Part Of Your So Called Punk 01/19/11
Various Artists: Jukebox EP 04/30/99
Various Artists: Lukk Opp Kirkens Dører 05/17/11
Various Artists: Maskindans - Norsk Synth 1980-1988 04/09/09
Various Artists: No Music Requests 12/26/04
Various Artists: Oslo 2: A collection of music from the independent Oslo pop scene 12/02/09
Various Artists: Samleplate 06/16/00
Various Artists: Sement # 2 04/08/01
Various Artists: Songs from the loosing end v.2.0 11/23/99
Various Artists: Sprø Musikk Guttenes Detektiv-Håndbok 01/12/17
Various Artists: The Winter Report: A Hype City Compilation 06/06/01
Various Artists: Tweest And Shout: 20 Years of Perfect Pop 11/10/11
Various Artists: Ulver - 1993-2003: 1st Decade In The Machines 07/15/11
Various Artists: Wake Up Your Windows, Let's Do The Zombies 02/08/01
Various artists: OSLO! - a compilation of music from the independent Oslo pop scene 04/20/08
Velvet Belly: Lucia 10/16/97
Virus: Carheart 05/28/10
Vreid: I Krig 06/01/07
Vreid: V 02/18/11
Vreid 02/18/11
WE: Smugglers 10/28/04
Waffelpung: Storeslem LP 12/19/02
When: Homage Series Vol. 1: Sun Ra 01/27/13
When: Misshimmisshimmisshim 05/25/13
When: Pearl-Harvest 02/07/12
When: Psychedelic Wunderbaum 11/02/09
When: Sunshine Superhead 05/17/11
When: The Lobster Boys 08/24/10
When: Trippy Happy 09/30/12
When: Whenever 06/04/12
When: Whensday 07/22/13
When: WriterCakeBox - The Unblessed World Of When (1983-1998) 03/30/10
When: You Are Silent 11/28/12
White Birch: The Weight Of Spring 04/04/15
White Birch: an interview with Ola Fløttum 10/21/02
White Lord Jesus: ...Into That Good Night 08/16/08
White Lord Jesus: Talk of the devil, a conversation with the Lord 12/15/05
White Lord Jesus: White Lord Jesus 11/16/05
Whopper: W 10/21/02
William Hut: Road Star Doolittle 09/02/01
William Hut: Scarlet 08/04/01
William Hut: Versus the end of Fashion Park 02/06/04
Willy Bakken: 24. juni 1951 - 23. juli 2010 08/24/10
Wobbler: Hinterland 10/17/05
Wolves Like Us: Black Soul Choir 03/16/14
Wonderfools: Get Real 02/11/98
Xploding Plastix: Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents 05/07/01
Xploding Plastix: The Benevolent Volume Lurkings EP 04/16/03
Your Headlights Are On: Your Headlights Are On 07/15/11
Yum Yums: Be With Me 02/11/98
Zweizz & Joey Hopkins: S/T 03/27/13
rubble: demo 08/04/01
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