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flag New Zealand
Capital: Wellington
Population: 3,547,983
Telephones: 1,700,000
Televisions: 1,530,000
Radios: 3,215,000
Railways: 3,973 km
Highways: 93,348 km
Airports: 113
Source: World Factbook
CourseFull Moon
3Ds: Strange News From The Angels 02/22/97
Bats: Antlers 12/14/16
Bats: At the National Grid 12/15/05
Bats: Free All The Monsters 12/10/11
Birchville Cat Motel: Crestfallen b/w Winters Crackling Glory 11/20/02
Cakekitchen: Everything's Going To Work Out Just Fine 08/18/97
Chills: Kaleidoscope World (Deluxe Reissue) 12/14/16
Chills: Molten Gold b/w Pink Frost 08/10/14
Chills: Silver Bullets 11/25/15
Chills: The BBC Sessions 01/05/15
Flight of the Conchords: Flight of the Conchords 04/20/08
Galloway: The Closer You Get The Better I Look 03/30/10
Garageland: Come Back Special / Pop Cigar 04/22/97
Ghost Wave: Radio Norfolk 01/12/17
Jordan Reyne: How the Dead Live 12/31/09
Kane Strang: Blue Cheese 03/23/16
Kane Strang: Things Are Never Simple 02/22/16
Lawrence Arabia: A Lake 04/22/16
Lawrence Arabia: Absolute Truth 07/20/16
Liam Finn + Eliza Jane: Champagne in Seashells 09/04/09
Liam Finn: FOMO 07/15/11
Liam Finn: I'll Be Lightning 03/21/08
Liam Finn: I 04/25/13
Liam Finn: The Nihilist 05/14/14
Lontalius: I'll Forget 17 04/22/16
Neil Finn: Flying In The Face Of Love 01/16/14
Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie: At Swim 2 Birds 11/14/16
Peter Jefferies: The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World 06/23/13
Renderers: In The Sodium Light 03/23/16
Robert Scott: Mushroom Writers Workshop 01/12/17
Roger Shepherd: In Love With These Times: My life with Flying Nun Records 12/14/16
Sam Gray Singing: Songs About Humans 04/06/12
Sere: Sere 08/18/16
Shayne P Carter: Offsider 10/16/16
Shayne P Carter: We Will Rise Again 08/18/16
Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour: Hurtling Through 12/25/15
Tiny Ruins (& David Lynch): Dream Wave 10/16/16
Unknown Mortal Orchestra / SILICON: Phone Split 7" 03/23/16
Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Can't Keep Checking My Phone 06/02/15
Yumi Zouma: Keep It Close To Me 05/21/16
Yumi Zouma: Yoncalla 06/20/16
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