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flag US, Indiana
Capital: Indianapolis
Population: 6,080,485
- Republicans: 1,474,475
- Democrats: 960,899
Bird: Cardinal
Flower: Peony
Motto: The crossroads of America
Nickname: Hoosier State
Tree: Yellow-poplar
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
Arcade: Into the Light 04/05/04
Dax: Overnight Sensation 02/09/09
Impossible Shapes: Tum 02/24/05
Janet Jackson: 20 Y.O. 10/07/06
Krista Detor: Chocolate Paper Suites 03/19/11
Lisa Germano: Magic Neighbour 05/28/10
Magnolia Electric Co.: Josephine 08/06/09
Normanoak: A Double Gift Of Tongues 05/02/07
Odawas: Raven and the White Night 07/30/07
Psycho Nubs: First Human Beings To Die On The Moon 02/13/06
Tom Stevens: Home 08/28/07
Wave Mechanics Union: Further To Fly 05/25/13
Wave Mechanics Union: Second Season 05/09/09
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