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flag US, North Carolina
Capital: Raleigh
Population: 7,650,789
- Republicans: 1,910,936
- Democrats: 1,484,158
Bird: Cardinal
Flower: Dogwood
Motto: To be, rather than to seem
Nickname: Old North State
Song: The Old North State
Tree: Pine
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
Bowerbirds: The Clearing 04/06/12
Boxharp: Loam Arcane EP 02/28/10
Boxharp: Rainbirds 12/31/09
Boxharp: The Green 04/28/10
Boxharp: The Green 05/28/10
Crooked Fingers: Dignity and Shame 01/25/05
Curtis Eller's American Circus: How To Make It In Hollywood 04/15/14
David Wilcox: Open Hand 06/26/10
Hiss Golden Messenger: Heart Like a Levee 10/16/16
Human Pippi Box-Review 07/21/05
Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell: Sing Into My Mouth 08/29/15
Joe Henry: The Invisible Hour 07/12/14
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme 07/31/04
Jolene: an interview with 01/28/02
Kingsbury Manx: Afternoon Owls EP + Aztec Discipline 12/08/03
Kingsbury Manx: Let You Down 10/02/01
Kingsbury Manx: The Fast Rise and Fall of the South 11/16/05
Moppets: Gregory Peck Has a Headache 04/24/05
Moppets: Human Pippi Armstrong + Andy Rooney Kickball 02/24/05
Mountain Goats: The Life Of The World To Come 12/02/09
Portastic: Bright Ideas 07/11/06
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals: Jacksonville City Nights 10/17/05
Ryan Adams: Love Is Hell Part 1 01/07/04
SpongeTones: Number 9 09/19/05
Stephanie's ID: Grus Americanos 02/21/08
Superchunk: - an interview with Mac McCaughan 10/02/01
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