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El Equilibrio de Los Jaguares
BMG (US Latin 74321-41236-2)

Named for the jaguar, a Mexican spiritual icon that conjures an image of something stealth, smart and sleek - the music of this exciting new group formed by international superstar Saul Hernandez, (formerly of Mexican supergroup Caifanes) will hold your attention from the first entrancing notes of El Equilibrio Parte Uno to its exciting finish La Habitacion De Tu Mente. El Equilibrio de Los Jaguares will stun those unfamiliar with the work of Hernandez, and will definitely not let down fans of Caifanes. Hernandez has been compared to many, including Eddie Vedder and Bono, but his music is visionary, and incomparable in its own right. Singles such as Detras De Los Cerros and Dime Jaguar have already reached millions on the Latin airwaves, and Hernandez voice is strong throughout the album, often haunting on such rythmic cuts as Huracan, Imaginame, Las Ratas No Tienen Alas and Solo Somos Suenos. The driving Nunca Te Dobalras should also be a smash single. Hernandez has always been a pioneer, and this album should solidify his place among the artists helping bring rock en espanol to the masses. Those who don't understand the Spanish lyrics will feel the message behind the music as the music has a universal feel to it, and the depth of Hernandez talent shines through. It is the rare artist who will appeal to fans of all genre of music, but this diverse collection of material, which encompasses styles such as classical Latin, Blues, Afro-Latin, and of course, rock en espanol should easily become the must have album of the year. Reminiscent of early U2, Sting and even very early Metallica, and produced by Don Was, this collaboration of some of today's finest Mexican musicians will disappoint none. Rock en espanol has never been better than it is right here, on El Equilibrio de Los Jaguares.

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