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I Against I
Werfpop Festival - Leiden, July 13th 1997

I against I is a punkband you hear from more and more over here in The Netherlands. Earlier they opened for the Descendents. After that they play on a lot of festivals. During these festivals they signed to Epitaph. They even have a 4 track EP out at the moment called Top Of The World. Just when they signed, a couple of friends of mine interviewed them for a zine we're running (Knuffelpunk). But when they listened to the MiniDisc they had used for the interview, they discovered that something had gone wrong. Then I saw at the Metropolis festival that I against I were to play at Werfpop in Leiden on Sunday July 13th. Before the concert I went backstage and met Ronald...

How did it all started, what bands are/were your musical influences?
Jasper and I know each other from school. After school we practised on an acoustic guitar and buckets. The bass player we've met him at Lowlands, because of a common friend. We sent some demoes to Opscene and they were giving us a great review. After that we stood at the Noorderslag festival. Then the Dutch press followed and now we're on Epitaph. Influences: Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion and all kinds of other music too.

How did you came up with the band name and what does it mean?
We came at the name by accident. I against I sounded cool, and later we found out it's a song from Bad Brains.

How long have you been together?
2.5 - 3 years.

What are your favorite bands?
My fav. bands are Dag Nasty, Dead Kennedys, Descendents, Chains Apart, Cooper and Undeclinable Ambuscade.

What type of music would you classify your bands as?
We make popmusic in a punkway.

Why did you play a cover from The Beatles instead of The Rolling Stones?
We have more respect for the Beatles than for the Stones. The Beatles are better to cover and the accords are closer to the ones we use.

Why did you asked for a circle pit twice?
It looks cool from the stage and people like doing it.

Can you give the instruments / names of all of the band members?
Jasper - drums, Ronald - guitar / vocals, Bob - bass / vocals.

What do you see in the future for the band?
We just give concerts, and see what happens. We will go to the USA to record a CD. And a European and American tour will follow.

What bands do you enjoy playing gigs with?
We like to play with Descendents, Down By Law, Cooper, Undeclinable Ambuscade, Sensefield and Let's Quit.

Now you're talking about ska, are you gonna make a ska song?
No, because it's getting too much bullshit.

What do you think about drugs and about the sXe?
We have a nice story about it. We're vegetarians. Some don't smoke. They [sXers] have to keep their mouth shut. No bullshitting to other people if they drink, smoke.

What does punk mean to you?
You aren't interested in what others think and do what you wanna do.

What do you think about the Internet?
A disadvantage is that it's expensive and you need a computer to get on it. But it's good if you want info about a band.

Whats your favorite qoute?
Bob: "krijg 't zuur" is what we're always saying.

Do you know some unknown ska punk bands which are good?
Tresore, Shades Apart and a real good unkown one is the Heideroosjes:)

Why did you sign to Epitaph?
We got this chance and our musical heroes are at Epitaph like Descendents, Down By Law and what's more fun than being on the same label.

Which other Dutch bands do you like to see on Epitaph?
Undeclinable Ambuscade signed thursday and we like to see Cooper on Epitaph.

In which country would you like to give concerts, but USA excluded?
Australia looks cool to me, Sydney or something.

To which label would you go if things didn't work out with Epitaph or D.I.Y.?
We didn't want to go to D.I.Y., because it costs too much money, we like to make music, not to loose money. The second label was Colombia.

What do you think about the concert prizes?
The prizes are too high, like Bad Religion, Fl 32,50 [$16- $17]. About these prizes: Complain ty the band. If there are 2 punk bands, not more than Fl 10,- ($5), or as low as possible to get even with the expenses.

Last word by Ronald:
Backstage there's a lot of dogshit.

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