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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 100 - 11/26/04

Regina Lund
Everybody's Darling
Regina Records

Swedish actress Regina Lund has a parallel career as an original singer. After a debut that echoed Stina Nordenstam's art-jazz and a second that redefined her sound we finally have her third album. It's very different from the previous one "Year Zero".

It's a confident and powerful album of 18 songs. Lund's voice is stronger than ever before and her lyrics are as intensely personal as ever. The rockin' blast of the opening quartet of songs is almost a shock if it's contrasted with the calm of debut "Unique". The righteous anger of "Nothing Calms me like Revenge" and the furious title track are what Courtney Love should have been doing by now.

The songs that follow are less abrasive, but no less intense. Regina's suggested the single "Courage" as the new national anthem and why not? It's uplifting and bold, ethnic-tinged and different. "White Bird" is a light poppy moment that harks back to the sound of "Year Zero". "Dare" is a song of non-violence that cuts through all the cliches and rings honest and true.

"You Think You Know me" unflinchingly deals with the agony of having loved ones succumb to alcohol abuse. Her voice is powerful here and the musical backing is like mid-period Dead Can Dance. We end with the only Swedish-language track "Jag Är osynlig" (I'm Invisible) which is bare and tinged with pain. It's also beautiful and strong.

This is a marvelous album by a truly brave singer.

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