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Amber Spyglass
Accelerating Parcae
Decorative Records

Ethereal band Amber Spyglass consists of Kelly Godshall and John DeGregorio. Their debut is an interesting and varied record.

"Red Dust" uses a languorous pace to unfurl slowly. Godshall's voice is sweet and sensuous. Guitarist DeGregorio helps create what sounds like the soundtrack to a western movie. "Little Things" is a faintly psychedelic song with a strong melody. "Catalyst Groove" is heavier and reminds me a bit of Led Zeppelin. Not the vocals though, as Godshall doesn't wail like Robert Plant but keeps a steady pace of her own. The comparisons with Siouxsie seem sensible.

The cover of David Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans" slows the song down and makes it swing. Nice of the band to cover one of Bowie's lesser-known songs, I think we've had quite enough versions of "Heroes" as it is.

The sweet "Venus in the 8th House" is a nice little ambient piece. It's a good debut album all told.

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