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coverpic flag US - Michigan - Full Moon 100 - 11/26/04

Alice Coltrane
Translinnear Light
Impulse Records

Okay, so really? It's been 25+ years since we've seen a studio recording from Alice? Man, that's a long too long time for that.


Parts of me wishes it was better. That there were no synths. Some harp. (What? No harp?!). I gotta admit, it just sounded to those ears just then as a bit slick.

But, then? I feel myself step back and stop myself with a tug on the shoulder and a shhhh.... listen...

It's a momentous session, actually. She's sitting with her sons and Jack De ... Charlie H. and The Sai Anantam Ashram Singers. Sitting on piano, (synth), and Wurlitzer organ.

Wurlitzer organ? Mind you, this is no B3. The Wurlitzer is something of movie theaters. Not very jazzy. Not swanky like the B3. Epic, cheesy and bombastic more like. And Her Holy Modal Majesty takes it and curves it and shapes it into something entirely new.

At least to these new ears now. Thank you Alice for tuning them again.

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