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flag Canada - Full Moon 101 - 12/26/04

Rock Plaza Central
The World Was Hell To Us

Rock Plaza Central are a folkish band fronted by one Chris Eaton, who's songs are fascinating and have intelligent lyrics. "Mount up and Ride" is a folksy song with a rock-fuelled energy to it. "The Things That Bind you" is sad and slightly country-ish. Eaton uses material possessions to examine a relationship.

The cover of Jane Siberry's "You Don't Need" is affecting and sublime. Eaton's voice bleeds emotion and the arrangement is lovely. He reminds me of Violent Femmes singer Gordon Gano here. After that songs longing the bitter "Fuckup" is a welcome contrast. It's quite a merry little song melodically, but the words are filled with bile.

"The Last Band on Earth" is a tale well told. Any band that entitles a song "Dear Don, There Are Two Eight O'clocks In the Course of a Day" are worth a listen.

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