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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 101 - 12/26/04

Michaela Melián
Baden Baden
Monika Enterprise

Michaela Melián uses a variety of instruments including a violoncello to create the calm and atmospheric grooves for this cd. The songs were made to accompany one of her exhibits as an visual artist, but they stand on their own as well.

"Verkher" is a track that could easily be on the soundtrack to a thriller. Her closing cover of Roxy Music's "A song for Europe" is a standout, her very European voice lamenting a crumbling love affair as the tempo slowly rises to a dramatic pitch.

arial h font"There's no more time for us-nothing is there for us to share but yesterday" are the words that close this record on a bittersweet note. Michaela Melián seems to be an artist to reckon with.

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