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coverpic flag US - Massachusetts - Full Moon 101 - 12/26/04

Emergency Music
Kiss The Culprit
Man With A Gun

Opener "Up for Hours" makes me think of Nick Lowe and Stiff Records circa 1979. "So long to the Subtle" has raucous vocals in the vein of Elvis Costello and a chorus that will stick in your head for days. Smart words too...

"So what if your heart broke,
It will get fixed,
So what if your boat sunk,
You know your friendship sprung a leak"

The punky "Prodigal son" is another great track with a real sense of urgency. "Everything is Fine" is ironically titled but chugs along with cute backing vocals and sunny guitars anyhow. And how can you not love a band that pens lines like "Hugo is a cat I know / he pisses on laundry, but thankfully not mine" ("Behave Yourself")?

This is a sweet and charming debut.

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