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Sylvia Tosun
All This Time

This cd is still unreleased, but if all goes well it should find a home soon. Sylvia Tosun's released an ep and an album before. This material was co-written with Julie Flanders and Emil Adler who were previously in October Project. As before Tosun's voice is strong and her songs well-written and easy on the ears.

"Sleepless" is an exotic-sounding song that deserves to be a hit. I'm reminded of Natacha Atlas' genre-bending work. "Your Girl" is like recent Sarah McLachlan, a fluid and sweet song with a positive message. "We Belong" is a soft piano ballad of belonging. Tosun's vocal is lovely and her words inspiring. "I will hold the silence til it sleeps in the palm of my hand" she sings.

The adventurous "Head Over heels" is one of the standouts. Tosun's voice is at its crystalline finest against a driving rhythm. It reminds me of Norwegian band Bel Canto's songs. Whenever this record finds a label or Tosun releases it herself it's worth your attention.

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