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Sara Marlowe
times like these...
World to Win Records

If you're mad about Bush winning the election, you have a friend in Sara Marlowe. The delicate-voiced songstress sings of world injustice and damns the war against Iraq on her new cd. "Maybe" doesn't sound like an earnest protest song, but Marlowe I superior to most protest singers and crafts a jazzy, expansive backdrop for her thoughts.

"Not in our Name" is the anti-war in Iraq song and it's very powerful. "The mightiest of the mighty are bombing the ones who don't stand a chance" notes Marlowe. She's creating a musical answer to Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11.

"Not as They Seem" asks that we look beyond the surface of things to a sophisticated setting. "Blind" is an exotic-sounding gorgeous song with another strong lyric.

It's a record to make you think rather then passively receive and as such it's great.

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