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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 102 - 01/25/05

Jamie and the Magic Torch Song
Darkness Falls
Lo-fi Highs

Jamie Gray has made a series of strong albums and the latest is no exception. He's got a distinctive vocal style with shades of David Bowie and Marc Almond.

"True love" is a sarcastic little number about the decline of a love affair. "The Money Shot" is a saucy electro pop song that reminds me of the underrated Gavin Friday. The dreamy "Peru" is a lovely song with a great singing by Gray

"Miramar" has a heartfelt vocal and a soft melody. Gray again proves his gift for writing great songs. So why isn't this man famous? He's got the songs, the look and the elusive 'it' quality, that's for sure. Darkness Falls is just what the doctor ordered to drive away the winter blues.

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