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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 102 - 01/25/05

Vittorio Vandelli
A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven
Equilibrium Music

Vittorio Vandelli of the band Ataraxia and vocalist Francesca Nicoli retell Coleridge's rhyme of the ancient mariner musically. The results are somber and compelling in a very esoteric fashion.

Vandelli plays all the instruments on the record and fashions the material into a voyage worth taking. It's easy to sit in one's chamber and drift into a reverie with it playing on the stereo. Nicoli's diva-ish vocals serve to add a flavour of opera to the proceedings. It's an unusual and challenging work and one that commands the listener's attention. The dreamy strains of some songs are contrasted by the nightmarish hues of voe painted in others. By the time the record ends it's gone from sadness to joy and back again. Much like life itself.

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