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The Power Of Bad EP
Own label

OK, this might be a kind of hoax or hype or something. Our adored editor here at Luna Kafé is a competent drummer and power trio Mole is the latest band project he's been messing with. Not quite sure if he'll appreciate this disc as part of our menu... The chef and yours truely have conspired behind the editor's back.

The music is surprisingly rough and hard for our editor, I thought, first time I heard the band. I suspected him mainly to be an alternative pop guy. A former band colleague suggested that Mole was the first time he had the chance to unveil his true rockin' self! Anyways, the main brain behind Mole is oleB. He has written all the songs, treats the guitars and sings. Well, singing might not be the proper description. Growling or snarling is probably closer to the case, but that's beyond the point.

The Power Of Bad is the band's debut disc. Four tracks. They're short (the disc lasts a little less than 12 minutes in all), but certainly not sweet, they're quite fast and a bit furious: "I'm born to loose, Where's my booze, I'm born to run, Where's my gun?". It's punk, it's rawk, even roll. It's also energy and fun! And you can even sing - or growl - along to the choruses! You might find out more about The Power Of Bad and the band at Mole's home page.

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