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Snow Tires
Hidden Agenda

I was taken by the fragile beauty of the songs created by Jarid Del Deo on his third album Fission, Romance, The West some years ago. Now he's released his fifth album, Snow Tires. Still pushing out moody songs as a gifted indie-pop singer-songwiter. Not so lo-fi as earlier, but still very low and quiet music.

Del Deo seems to be a shy person and his music also oozes shyness. Snow Tires is indeed tender, the fragility of the songs is almost scaring. Glassy pop-songs made to be broken, but please not! Do not touch, just listen. I didn't get to hear last album (Black Strawberries), but it seems like Unbunny opereates with short albums. Snow Tires clocks in under 28 minutes, which is a strength. The nine songs don't show any weakness and too many bands/artists nowadays aim for the full hour when they're about to record albums. Not Jarid and friends. Making Snow Tires just enough, not too much.

Snow Tires is fine, yes, but the music is, well, almost too thin-wristed. When listening to some of the songs I get the feeling of hearing Jason Lytle's (Grandaddy) thin little kid brother, who's sick and stuck in bed. But, by all means the songs are of great quality, such as my favourite "I leave stones unturned". Yes, then there's also the opening "Casserole", and "I knock things I haven't tried". "Pink lemonade" is a bit young Neil Young-ish. if you're into, say, Bright Eyes you should also check out Unbunny.

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