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The Wedding Present
Interstate 5

"The boy Gedge has written some of the best love songs of the Rock 'n' Roll era. You may dispute this, but I'm right and you're wrong!" (John Peel).

Peel (R.I.P.) was right. Always. It's good to have Gedge back. As The Wedding Present (TWP) that is. And what a song! "Interstate 5", first single off new album Take Fountain sounds like vintage TWP. Think switch of the decades 80s/90s; early 90s (aaaahh, Seamonsters...) up to the first half of the Hit Parade singles. Gedge is master of making songs of the broken-hearted/broken relationships sound so...true. His lyrics (lifted by his signature voice - dry and bitter) seems so heartfelt and sincere, really convincing. Like, oh, yes, quite clearly he's been having a rough time. Yet, despite the (close to) sulk and bitterness, there's beams of humor shining through.

Gedge has been living in the US (up north-east, in Seattle) for a while and truly has had the chance to check out some of the american roads and highways. "Interstate 5" has got a pulsating bass beat and a nifty drum drive, and sure is a nice one for driving. Not because it's a fast song - because it isn't. It's more like driving while slowly speeding up untill you're lot the perspective of or feeling with speed. It's a brilliant song. A slow starter, but growing with intensity and an inner glow, making it a sparkling Weddoes song. Unveiling a story of the opposte of faith, and trust, and love. Or, rather a different kind of love. "Bad Thing" is a quicker song and also brings golden memories from Bizarro and/or Seamonsters era. With blistering riff-guitars. The third and last song (there are two non album tracks) is called "Snapshots". It's a more quiet and seemingly anonymous one. A bit dull at first sight, but starting to unveil its beauty after some spins. And the flute theme is very charming, almost cosy.

Once more Steve Fisk is back in the production saddle (he did Watusi 11 years ago). It's been some years since C86, right, but 45-year-old Gedge is as indie as ever. But maybe a bit more pop-hearted (vocal harmonies) after some widescreened Cinerama years. I was planning to review the new album Take Fountain as well, but decided to give it some more time. Next moonth. Till then - take "Interstate 5".

Interstate 5 facts:
Southern End: San Diego, CA at the Mexican border. Northern End: Blaine, WA at the Canadian Border. Number of miles/km: 1375.62/2201.

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