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Legion Within
Tragick Records

Goth band Legion Within creates dark, but atmospheric music on their second album. Singer William Wilson chooses to forge his own identity rather than emulate an idol, which is always sensible.

"Dream Carny" is an unusual track with a darkly compelling mood. Wilson's soft vocal fits the song and visions of a twisted Ray Bradbury style circus come forth. "Glass Ships" evokes the classic goth era without resorting to mere nostalgia. It's mournful and oddly catchy. "Pray" comes across as dirgey and offers a rather bleak view of the world. Wilson exaggerates his vibrato here, but the odd Spanish flourishes of the instrumentation keeps the song interesting. The lengthy "The Sky is Falling" goes psychedelic on us and the band handle it well. Odd voices drift in and out of the mix.

It's a very good record and not just for goth fans.

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