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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 104 - 03/25/05

Some Day We Will Part Forever
Brown House Records

Oosterdok is an odd name, but the electronic duo that bears it are a rare and special thing. Producer and songwriter Jay Line and singer Becky Naylor are onto something on their debut EP. A very suggestive track called "Bob's Last Day" comes in, borne by Naylor's aristocratic vocals and the strong beat.

The lush, dreamy "You Won't See Me In Heaven" follows. A minimal, oddly affecting song which sees Naylor becoming a true siren of song. "Psirens" recalls the glacial cool of Ladytron. "Highuponahilltop" end this marvelous debut with a classic-sounding song. Oosterdok have a bright future, weird name or not.

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