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coverpic flag Netherlands - Full Moon 104 - 03/25/05


Edie's debut Shades introduced a strong performer, her second album sees her progress further. She has a marvelous voice with shades of Sinead O'Connor's primal power and here it comes to its fullest bloom.

"La di da" sees her sing a melody against an unusual keyboard arrangement. "Ready and Whole" is a bleak anti-folk ballad that resonates strongly. A mandolin chimes in thrillingly. "Ca y est" is sung in French. It's a charming and soft song. "As good as it gets" is a sublime number with a slight resemblance to Heather Nova. Edie's a fabulous artist and she's on her way to make a classic record. Nu is very close to being that record. For now it's merely fabulous.

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