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Sissy Wish
Tuning In
Bauta Recordings/Tuba!

I Could Breathe..., Siri Wålbergs debut album from last year was a real eye-opener and a huge favourite among the Luna staff here in Norway. Lots of other tuned in, too, and the Norwegian Grammy award she received for the album was well deserved indeed. Now she is already here with album number two, again made with the help of the three-headed studio troll of Ådland/Gundersen/Sætre in Bergen.

The ingredients are much the same as last time - a sweep through pop history (and quite a few clichés) from the last 40 years. But it seems that the song material would have deserved more time to develop before it was recorded. The problem of course is that the debut was such a mature record and we are expecting even more this time.

There are some very strong songs on the album however - the up-tempo and cinematic "About A Machine" and the thunderous "Reveal" does the trick. And I must confess that I have a weak spot for "The Roses Won't Smell Any Better", a ballad in 3/4.

So it's thumbs up for Sissy Wish this time also, but a mini album would probably have been more appropriate.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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