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Noise Pop 2005
San Francisco, CA, Feb. 22.-27.05

You know how you can get so excited for something that you kinda hype yourself right out of it? The Noise Pop festival this year had a decidedly weaker schedule than usual, and yet I was pretty keyed up for the week. On the upside, the week featured a lot of local talent that had career making years. Joanna Newsome. Comets On Fire. Two Gallants.


I was still nursing a back injury and went to a lot of sit down shows at sit down venues. I felt kinda guilty about that when Mission Of Burma rocked my ass off while I was sitting comfortably on it in the back of the club. Hell, they're even older than Me... depressing...

The one show I did stand for was the highlight of my week. Close your eyes if you will and picture this:

I stood for Vetiver who opened for Damon & Naomi. And who stood right next to me? Naomi in her pink sweater. And Vetiver never sounded better. Ever.

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