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coverpic flag US - Washington - Full Moon 104 - 03/25/05

Ben Gibbard and Andrew Kenny
Morr Music

Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie/the Postal Service fame joins forces with Andrew Kenny of American Analogue Set for this EP. They each play four songs. Ben Gibbard's yearning voice and pop sensiblity comes to the fore on his contributions. "Carolina" is lovely as fresh dew on flower petals. Carolina being the state not a girl, natch.

"Farmer Chords" is dreamy and evocative. Andrew Kenny does not exactly up up the volume for his songs, but mangages to be sweetly intimate as well. "Hometown Fantasy" is a gorgeous little song with whispered vocals and gently played guitar. The marvelous title "Church Mouse in the Church House" hides a fragile, suggestive song.

In all, an EP to cherish.

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