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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 105 - 04/24/05

The Radio Dept.
This Past Week EP

I fell head over heals for The Radio Department with their last LP, Lesser Matters. What great young songwriters these are! They make sad and catchy rock songs that I am particularly enamored with. This new EP is a teaser for their new album set to be released later this year.

The EP opens with the title song. "This Past Week" uses their great and wonderful drum machine. His voice and melodies are still just as fetching. I am so taken with this band! Wow the bass tones at the end of this song add the last bit of icing to make it perfect. "Deliverence" also uses the drum machine. Perhaps to a bit lesser effect, however. His breathy voice sounds good in this tune. I find it particularly respectful how signiture the melodies are. This band definitely has carved out their nitch in sound.

"I Don't Like This" is involved with a sad but major-key chord progression, and more drum machine and satin guitar. Again, promising melodies from a very promising band. "Let Me Have This" is the final track. "This could be the final song, 'cause I think I have it all. Only time can tell."

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