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Lou Barlow

I really, really love Lou Barlow's voice. If I sang properly I'd like to sound like him. He sounds all...lovely. "Too Pure" by Sebadoh is one of my favourite songs of all time, and that Folk Implosion album One Part Harmony is pretty nice too. So, lovely all round.

When I got this CD from my best friend for my 28th birthday I was really pleased. I would never have thought of going out and getting this album, but to receive it as a gift is great. And its title is 'Home' spelt backwards - clever.

There are some truly gorgeous moments on this disc, especially "Home", which is probably one of the most sublimely lovely songs I've heard in months. The rest is nice, with a few stale tunes here and there, and it's good to mellow out to.

If I reflect on turning 28 I'll think of this album. My life doesn't feel extraordinary right now, but there are moments of light, flashes of wonder - so perhaps Emoh is an appropriate soundtrack for now. For anyone else expecting anything breathtaking, look elsewhere. But for a charming collection of acoustic tunes that fall just short of brilliance, but blessed with that wonderful voice, then you're right at home. I mean Emoh...

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