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The Rusticators
Talking with the Dead

The Rusticators music pours over you like a warm river, all sweet vocals and simple melodies. Sort of folk with lashings of pop. Abbey Linfert and Chris Amsler offer solid and strong songs on this second album. "Journey to War" paints an understandably dark picture of a conflict. Amsler sings it so softly you barely know its subject unless you listen closely. Maybe he"s making his point by not raging, it's like he wants our full attention for this tale.

"Wicked Ways" is a sinuous groove for Linfert to weave her magic across. She sings from the point of view of an envious woman to her rival.

Amsler's being evocative on "Jersey Street" painting images of a town to a soft backing. The jaunty title track speaks of encountering the dead with a sensuous undertone. Linfert sighs "You can be Bogart But I'm stuck being me". Not your everyday lyrical concern, and if you don't pay attention it passes you by. Rusticators make a point of being subtle and that goes a long way.

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