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The Sins
The Last One Kills
Sinister Records

The Sins are very Goth, but also inventive with it. Maybe it's their use of a violin, maybe just good songs. Singer Nightmare Boy (told you they were Goth) avoids the baritone so beloved of other bands in the genre.

"Cold Air for Katie" is strong and powerful song with Jyri Glynn's violin taking a prominent role. "Into the Chaos" is serenely sensitive and Nightmare Boy's vocal is gorgeous. The phrase 'morphine moon' is pretty evocative too.

The hard rockin' strains of "The Herd" evokes eighties era The Mission in a good way (is there a good way...? - ;) - editor's note). "Girl in Glass" suggestively borders on progressive rock, Nightmare Boy sings powerfully.

The Sins album is something fans of the genre will love.

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