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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 108 - 07/21/05

Pat Deighan
Night Light
Sandbar Music

This is Pat Deighan's solo debut after being in the bands Strawberry and Eyes for Telescopes. His capable songwriting and personal voice are highlighted on this record.

"Ants in the Sugar" has a great melodic hook and an irrepressible sense of melancholy. The country-flavored "Answering Payphones" has an intriguing lyric and a cool guitar part. "For You" has a lazy, Ryan Adams-y vibe to it. Deighan is less showy a singer and the songs has its own beat.

"Whiskey Stars" is a sad-eyed lament for a nightlife. Deighan's vocal is a careful whisper as he delivers his tale. The raunch of "Your Hometown" shows the singer equally at home with distorted guitars and rock. Night Light is a promising debut.

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