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coverpic flag Denmark - Full Moon 108 - 07/21/05

Susi Hyldgaard
Enja Records

Danish singer Susi Hyldgaard's new record is a mature and complex work. Her style is jazzy and thoughtful and her vocals are soft but capable of great strength.

The opening title track sees her playing a variety of instruments and singing sensuously. "Seeking" is a soft song that shares an esthetic with Björk's Vespertine. Dickon Hinchcliffe from Tindersticks adds strings beautifully. "Follow" is gentle and features an accordeon, thus lending it a bit of a Parisian café atmosphere. Hyldgaard's singing is relaxed and smooth.

"This Little Island" is a stripped-down ballad, just voice and Jannik Jensen's bass. It's quite lovely. This is a very nice album.

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