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Slipper feat. Andrea Black
When Hot Dogs Fly

Loop Guru's Sam Dodson is a part of Slipper who are fronted by sultry-voiced chanteuse Andrea Black. The formula is familiar, trip hop with a femme fatale up front and noir beats behind her. So 1995 right? To those of us who are still partial to that particular thrill it hardly matters what fashion dictates.

Slipper delivers the good with this curiously titled record. "I just want to hear good music" croons Black on the album's opener. "Hands against the rain" drifts by exotically, Black's coquettish vocal accentuated by the beats. "Red Silhouette" evokes images of a beach in Rio, Black turning all Astrud Gilberto to a jazz setting. "Hot Dogs" adds sufficient tension to make the silly notion of hot dogs flying interesting. Black sounds Björky while spy music plays around her. "Bloos" has her briefly morphing into Laurie Anderson as a theremin wheezes in the background.

Slipper's record is just the thing to put on before you go out and meet some interesting new people.

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