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Bergman Rock
Bonjour Baberiba pt II

The second go from bob hund's English alter ego. Bonjour Baberiba pt II is a 7 song mini leaving me a bit confused. Yes, you can still hear the bob hund wildness/madness in the back, but it sort of makes me think "hey, is this English lyrics project such a good idea really?".

On the Bergman Rock selftitled debut they still showed the quality needed for a proper album. This time I'm not so sure. Not that it's all bleak and lacking humor. It's just that the record lacks powerish manic pop songs. The album opener is the rather wild and hyper title track with sort of a corny 'hey, baberiba' chorus, and with singer Thomas acting as a bouncing clown prince (as usual). It's followed by "Crack of Dawn", a poppy the Cramps song with Thomas acting like a mild-mannered Lux Interior. "No More Top 10" is more lik the old bob hund, also showing their Pere Ubu (frmo their pop era ca 1990) influences. Probably one of the best tracks, with it's somwhat cheesy 'because the night belongs to losers' line. Bergman Rock rejects having a hit with a catchy song? Or could there possibly be a double bottom (which they've always been good at)?

"Unforced Peace" is a slow, slack bluesy take, before they go wild with "Legendary Look-alikes", showing the tightnes of the band and the cunning guitar picks and riffs Conny comes up with. "Swan Song" is a short noise-rock stomp, while the closing "Bubble Gum" is a slow floating piece of introvert, whispering vocal with smoe feeded guitar around. Giving the album an open end, putting up the question: now what? What next? Is this Bergman Rock's swan song?

Bergman Rock grew after a few spins. I doubt this one to do the same, even though there are some glimpses of potential. Neverheless I didn't get the satisfaction needed I'm afraid, and I whish for the band to get back on track.

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