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Alice Lee
Lovers and Losers

Alice Lee follows her promising EP The Art of Forgetting with her debut full-length. Her voice and songs sparkle in this setting. "A New Bruise" opens, a song that has her crooning 'I want to be bruised in a new place'. One hopes she's anticipating new challenges, rather than saying it for some masochistic reason. "How Will I be now?" is suitable to play in cafés on warm nights, but it's hardly Norah Jones-bland. The softness hides intriguing words and gifted playing. Apparently Lee used to practice her singing in cemeteries. This is hardly music to wake the dead, but maybe some coffins were gently rocking.

"I Breathe" is gently strummed, sensitive song with cool singing. "Heroin" is rougher than the other songs, even if it's hardly metal. Lee does the rock chick thing with style. 'You"re my heroin and I need a fix' she sings and continues rock's infatuation with drugs, or at least drug metaphors. As a metaphor for bad love it works well. "Going Home" is sweet and restrained, Lee sings it beautifully.

Alice Lee has left the promising stage and emerged as a fully-fledged artist. She"s found her wings and her living(and dead) fans should love this.

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