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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 109 - 08/19/05

Rex Rudi
Backbeat & begjær
Norsk Rock

Rex Rudi is a three headed wild, rock'n'roll-a-billyish act seemingly quite animated, which has got its explanation: Rex Rudi is not just a band, it's a cartoon as well. But the band was born before the cartoon was. The toons are Tomas Drefvelin (AKA Rudi) on guitar/vocal, Julius Lind on stand-up bass, and Thomas Støyva on drums. Associated member Johan Klüwer adds harmonica.

Rex Rudi is a new thing for me. Yes, I've heard of the band, but haven't checked out their music before. Not exactly up my alley just to make things clear, but the record sounds fresh, energetic and willing to party. Backbeat & begjær is their 3rd album and what strikes me is that the lyrics works quite well with the music. One could expect English lyrics for rock of this genre, but Rex Rudi brave and almost clever enough to hold on to their (our) mother's tongue and make their somewhat filthy, sweaty streetwise rock poetry (of love, lust, rock'n'roll) fit the music. They've quite clearly managed to bring their live feel into the recording studio and onto record. The 13 songs are quite a blast, an energetic and explosive rock'n'roll trash-out which leaves me sort of tired. If it's not exactly my type of music I've got a lot of respect for the band and their efforts.

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