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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 109 - 08/19/05

The Laundrettes
Every heart is a time bomb
Big Dipper Records

The Laundrettes make sixties-inspired music, but their doll-like appearance on the front cover is deceptive. Despite some sugary harmonies and soft kitten attitude on the opener "Connecting the Dots" they can rock if they want to. "Fluff'n'Fold" is the Norwegian answer to the Hives retro garage rock. The song is catchy and relentlessly up-tempo. "WWJD?" stands for what would Joan Jett do? and is appropriately rockin'. The lead singer's voice is tough and confident while the band play like their fingers are on fire. "Juvenile Thrills" sounds like the big hit the band so richly deserve. It's energetic and catchy and sticks like glue once you've heard it.

They end with the excellent "Tarantula Town" a ferocious Crampsy song. Laundrettes are clearly onto something here.

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