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Saint Thomas
Children Of The New Brigade
Racing Junior

Saint Thomas Hansen presents his 5th album with the curious title Children Of The New Brigade. 10 songs, this time done more pro than ever with a tight band and everything recorded in an indeed proper studio. Hansen has toured a lot with his band and seems very pleased with how it works. And he's kicking against the bullying dicks who's done bad in his past.

Heres's the wonderful single "Morning Dancer" plus another 9 songs. Some are very good, others more ordinary. But I guess that's the thing with Saint Thomas. His songs are rather simple and naive but inbetween some few seemingly dull moments he hits bull's eye. "Morning Dancer" is such a piece. A proud, swaggering song. And "Last Word" is quite close. He also comes up with what's his most fragile and brittle song ever, the glorious and touching "Dream On". And he's done his most rocky song ever with the title track, which is one of the songs with lyrics dealing with bullying. Looking back and keeping the ghost away.

The dark "Instrumental Sound" is another one of the songs focusing on schoolyard troubles and harassment. As I opened my review of the single two months ago: back with a vengance. "The Long Goodnight" is quite uplifting despite its lost love story. As always Saint Thomas' lyrics are small stories of the twisted and bent. Just like his voice is. Sometimes rather grey and even utterly annoying, others dead charming and highly amusing. I guess he's an artist you either love or hate. Or love to hate. Or would like to love. I'm quite pleased with some doses of Saint Thomas, as long as he knows his own limits. Because he's not having a Midas' touch, but he sure can make some rocks sparkle for a while.

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