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coverpic flag US - Illinois / Washington - Full Moon 109 - 08/19/05

The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
Hydra Head

coverpic Kinski
Alpine Static
Sub Pop

You know me. I'm Alice, right? And I don't usually like to send off bad vibes around here - I prefer to talk 'bout things alight and luminary, ordinarily. But it seems here Something must be said.

I know. I know. So say it already. Here goes:

We're more than half-way through the first decade of the new century. And even though we've had thousands of years of practice, we really have No Idea how to talk to eachother, do we?

And I'm not just talking personally, here. Politically, too. Lovers, potential lovers, world leaders and potential world leaders, alike.

I know how to communicate. Or, to be more precise: I Know You Have To Try To Try. Sometimes you probably think I talk Too much. I don't. You knew I'd have to say that. Sometimes I think my words are all I have.

I'm serious. I hear your groan, and it makes me groan. Y'know?

I wish you did.

Of course, words aren't always necessary. We can say plenty without 'em. They come in handy though, and finding the right ones is all that really matter sometimes. You can't take 'em back, but then you can't insert 'em later, either, like in Word.

Wordless and profound, this Kinski and this Pelican speak for me today. This tuneful, metal sludge is saying something. With their mouths shut and their heavy open, we all know what they're talking about. So, turn it up and turn off the phone.

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