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Donovan's Brain
A Defeat of Echoes
Career Records

It's not easy to divide this group into any category. Their multi-faceted sound has two many reference points for that to happen any tine soon. "Decade of Days" is sixties pop with glorious harmonies. Its psychedelic undertow is well placed. "Whispers and tears" echoes the innocent phase of the sixties era. Ringing guitars and a dewy-eyed vocal from Colter Langan certainly helps to make this impression. It could almost be a song by the Zombies.

"The Boy Who Cried New Town" fuses the trippiness of Pink Floyd with the pastoral ambience of the Stones ballad "Lady Jane". "Invisible Diamond Man" is a mystery tour through "Sgt Pepper" guided by Syd Barrett.

A Defeat of Echoes is a great record by any standards.

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