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Alice Marie
Angels Near

Alice Marie's full-length debut is a strong record. Her voice and piano gel with the music and her fluid musicality is apparent. "Could It Be" is a haunting song that deserves to be compared to Tori Amos. It describes the narrator failing to live up to others expectations of her. Despite this it's quite easy to listen to, and its theme is universal enough to strike a chord with many listeners. "Bring The Guitar" is a mid-tempo song that shows off the singer's lovely voice. "I Was Seven" tells of a harrowing childhood. 'I never had a childhood, I had secrets' intones the singer as the tale of abuse and sorrow begins. The child-like simplicity of the tune further illustrates the child's helplessness. Staccato bursts of strings underscores the drama. "Black Reverie" is a song with a progressive rock slant to it.

Angels Near is a powerful debut.

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