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coverpic flag US - New York - Full Moon 109 - 08/19/05

The Consultants
Work from Home
Shelflife Records

The Consultants play soft but hooky pop and singer Marika Chinsky's vocals are adorable and cuddly. "Pop Pop" cheerfully lives up to its title, while still having an undertone of sadness. "Snow Fell (It's Night)" sounds like an updated version of eighties indie darlings The Flatmates. The slightly offbeat "Contents of my Head" is a bit harder-edged but still fluffy in spirit. "James" is a lovely ode to a loved one. Chinsky sounds appropriately starry-eyed. "Talking to No One" goes into dreampop mode and has huge washes of sound submerging the vocal to another instrument.

It's a very agreeable and almost defiantly old-fashioned debut.

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