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coverpic flag US - Texas - Full Moon 109 - 08/19/05

Jonathan Geer

Jonathan Geer's debut was inspired by the story of the Nantucket whaleship called Essex. He's done scores for short films and a full-length feature and here he's appropriately filmic. You get a real nautical feel from the elegiac "Essex Theme". "Departure" has the thrill of leaving home for the unknown territories. Its fluid melody and neat chord changes makes it very lovely. "The Attack" bristles with tension, its creepy air makes it sound like something from the "Jaws" score remixed by ghosts.

"Dehydration" sounds like you'd expect such a song to sound like. Geer paints scary images with his music and he's very good at it. The end comes with the songs "Homecoming" and "Captain Pollard" . The drama is apparent and if this were a film you'd never forget it.

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