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Dane Cook
WMG / Comedy Central Records

He conquered the Comedy Central crowd with his debut Comedy Central Presents in 2002. The CD/DVD collection containing that performance, Harmful If Swallowed is essential for fans of this throne holder of the world's biggest up-and-coming physical comic.

The material here ensures Dane Cook is still worthy of the title, and probably has the potential to be the biggest grossing comedy album this year, to consider Cook's popularity. His formula, a fairly original mix of idiosyncrasies, bizzare sexual experiences, relationship analysis, and a dead pan punch that resembles a mix of Will Farrel and Lenny Bruce, is pure gold to Generation South Park and any yuppie young enough to remember life in a college dorm. This collection lacks definative catchlines, for example "Fuck Girls tonight Bro! I Gotta Dance!" from his CCP appearance, but his extensions on the anatomy of petty bickering and the friend no one likes (aka "Karen the Douchebag") is laughing-on-the-floor funny.

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