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coverpic flag Japan - Full Moon 111 - 10/17/05

I Psydoll
Planet Ghost Music

Japan's Psydoll have compiled two previous albums only available in their native land here. The result is a staggering and mad mix of sounds and ideas. You might call it industrial music with a pop edge, or Alice in Cyberland. You might just hear and enjoy.

"Sleeping Beauty" is Nine Inch Nails with a heart of spun sugar and a voice like velvet. "Theme for Psydoll" is here in two versions, one driving and rhythmic and one poppy and sleek. Both rock like mad hatters too.

"In The Fog" is oddly folksy and yet modern. An army of robots seem to hide in the green meadow. "The Iron Battleship with the Screw Made of Glass" is a lovely sedate ballad with gorgeous singing by Nekoi. The trashy excess of "Rose, Rose, Rose" ends the album on an exhilarating note. Psydoll are weird and I mean that as a compliment.

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