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coverpic flag US - Alabama - Full Moon 111 - 10/17/05

Sixth in Sixes
Warner Music Group

They've opened for of Sonic Youth but they bleed like a Stooges-meets-Glassjaw-flirting-with-Captain-Beefheart combination. Noisy? You can bet your vocal chords on it. The lead singer/guitarist of this three piece (who wishes to remain unnamed) certainly has. Reuiniting after a 2002 breakup this Californian death squad flirts with Joy Division-like synths in between near apocolyptic screaming garage jams. They put up a fight with Lightening Bolt and Hella by dumbing down the guitars and divisible rythyms. The result comes sounding like ultra explosive hardcore punk rather than timid noise. This is Raw Power meets As Frail Words Collapse and still gets your feet tappin like Highway to Hell. Finally, anti-sad bastard rock we can all dance to.

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