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Diana Berry
Very Berry

Diana Berry's record is an intriguing mix of pop and electronica. Her vocals are husky and rich and there's a real sense of fun to her style.

"Super Sensual" is a bubbly ode to sensuality with frisky beats and a saxophone adding to the fun. "Different Love" sees Berry give a seductive vocal performance to a rockin' background. It's sort of like The Stones in their "Miss You" disco phase.

"So Beautiful" is a stripped down and heartfelt song. Berry evokes an on key Courtney Love somehow. "What's a Girl to Do" is a lovelorn song with some impressive soul touches. She even adds a spoken word bit and it's great. I love it when an artist can pull that off. The cover of Stones "Wild Horses" is trippy and odd, Berry remembers that in order to do a cover you need to make it your own.

The closing "Athena" is a bold move, a narrator and an opera singer thrown in to make it special. This song of the Greek goddess of knowledge and war who sprang from her father's head fully formed, is brilliant. I hadn't expected it from Berry, but she clearly has a good imagination.

This album is very good indeed.

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