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Screwtape Lewis
The Opulent Hum

Screwtape Lewis is a cool name for a band. This band also happens to have great songs and an interesting frontman in Randi Lewis Bailer. "Shag Carpet Tour Jet" has the swagger and catchy tune most bands strive for in vain. Bailer plays his guitar with real vigor. "Sex+Jazz+Alchol" is as quirkily persuasive as the title implies. Bailer's prancing lead vocal betrays a love of David Bowie and the backing is clever. There's a great sleazy saxophone part that adds to the fun.

"(This is not a) Queer Agenda" is a sarcastic, lightly funky track. "My mother said to me did I raise girls or did I raise boys" sings Bailer. Later he adds "It takes a real man to wear mascara.". A real party agenda that. Musically I can't help but think of Duran Duran. Sorry, but I mean it positively.

"Everything" is a great song, Bailer being in fabulous voice and the band following his lead well. This is a brilliant record.

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