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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 112 - 11/16/05

Hey Negrita
We are Catfish
Fat Fox Records

This English band has taken its name from an old Stones b-side. They are brimming with ideas on their debut. Opener "Devil in my Shoes" is raucous roots rock with a passionate vocal. "Old Britannia" resembles an odd mix of Belle and Sebastian and Dire Straits. It's a pleasant but weird drinking song. "Losing You" is a restrained ballad of longing and the singer inhabits it easily. "Kathmandu" is atmospheric and drips with desolation. Many of the songs here have lyrics that speak of sadness and the desire for change. It's pretty universal feelings and they are cleverly expressed. "Over the Hill" is a rockin' song whose tempo is not fast, but it's still cheerful. But the words bite.

It's a strong debut from Hey Negrita.

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